Introduction Of Ingredients In Pampers Diapers

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1. Knowledge of diapers

As a disposable hygienic absorbent product, baby diapers can quickly absorb the baby's urine, keep the baby's skin dry and easy to replace. Compared with foreign countries whose diaper penetration rate is above 95%, my country's baby diaper market still has great room for development. Today, mature processing technology, increasingly reasonable consumer prices and popularization of people's awareness of diapers all provide opportunities for the rapid development of diapers. This article briefly introduces ingredients in pampers diapers.

ingredients in pampers diapers

2. Liquid suction control system

Diapers are a liquid suction control system built from multiple layers of nonwoven materials. Early diapers consisted of a top layer, an absorbent core layer, and a back layer. The surface layer is soft and breathable, which can quickly absorb urine and make the urine permeate, keeping the skin-friendly surface dry; the absorbent core layer is used to absorb and store a large amount of liquid; the back layer is used to prevent the leakage of urine and play a role The role of isolation. In actual use, super absorbent resin (SAP) has better liquid absorption capacity than wood pulp fiber, but it expands after absorbing liquid, reducing the gap between resins, making it difficult for more surface liquid to continue to penetrate, resulting in Gel clogging, reducing the absorbent capacity of the absorbent core. In order to solve the problem of gel blocking, the researchers added a diversion layer between the surface layer and the absorbent core layer to dredge the liquid concentrated in the surface layer and maximize the use efficiency of the absorbent core layer.

ingredients of diapers

3. Technological progress

In recent years, with the development and progress of society, ingredients in pampers diapers have also been developed accordingly. At present, hot air non-woven fabrics are mostly used for surface materials, and membrane materials have better anti-liquid rewet ability; the main material of the diversion layer is hot air non-woven fabrics, and the perforated film has good permeability; the absorbent core layer is made of fluff. The mixture of pulp and superabsorbent resin will be the development trend in the future without fluff pulp diapers; the back layer adopts microporous film/breathable bottom film, and personalized printing can establish a unique brand image. In the future, the development of paper diapers will focus on market segmentation, that is, combining consumer needs with products, and developing paper with different functions.

pampers diapers

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