How To Choose Pure Cotton Pads For Periods?

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Girls may have experienced itching and burning in the private parts during menstruation. In the hot summer, sanitary napkins are not breathable, which will allow bacteria to breed, cause infection, and cause skin itching. So it is very important to choose a breathable pure cotton pads for periods. So here comes the question, how to choose pure cotton pads for periods?

1. Look at the surface

Many female friends only know that pure cotton sanitary napkins are skin-friendly and non-irritating. In fact, the breathability of pure cotton sanitary napkins is also very good. Just like when my mother bought me summer clothes when I was a child, she always chose pure cotton materials. Wearing pure cotton shirts in summer is breathable and not stuffy. The same is true for the pure cotton material on the surface of the sanitary napkin. It has strong water absorption and good air permeability, which can reduce the stuffy feeling wrapped in menstrual blood.

When buying sanitary napkins, remember to look for the word "pure cotton". Better sanitary napkin brands are willing to work hard on the material, such as Free Fei pure cotton sanitary napkins. The cotton is imported high-quality raw cotton from American cotton production areas. Good material, soft and skin-friendly to the touch, and it won't feel stuffy or hot when you use it.

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2. Look at the bottom film

Whether the sanitary napkin is breathable or not depends on whether its base film is also designed to be breathable. Otherwise, the pure cotton material on the surface is breathable, but it is useless to prevent the breath from coming out of the base film.

Lets take the Free cotton sanitary napkin as an example. There are tens of millions of nanometer pores on its bottom film, which can hold the liquid molecules of menstrual blood, but can diffuse the gas molecules in menstrual blood. Simply put, it is breathable and impermeable. This kind of bottom film can not only bear the discharge of menstrual blood, but also ventilate and dissipate heat. Even if it is used in summer, there is no need to worry about itching.

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3. Look at the thickness

It is not a comfortable thing for a girl to put a piece of cotton in her underwear when she is on her period. If you want to be breathable and comfortable without being stuffy, try to choose a lighter and thinner sanitary napkin. Maybe many girls don't have much idea about the thickness of sanitary napkins, and they don't know how to count them as thin. They only feel it when they buy it and use it. The five popular brands of sanitary napkins were investigated, and the thickness of sanitary napkins is mostly between 0.15 and 0.3 cm. But for me who have used ultra-thin sanitary napkins, sanitary napkins in this thickness range will make me feel thick and stuffy, and they are not breathable enough in summer. The ideal thickness is the ultra-thin 0.08cm Free cotton sanitary napkin for daily use, which is light enough and breathable. Choose pure cotton pads for periods from the three conditions of surface layer, base film, and thickness. Generally, you will not go wrong. If you want to avoid being bored during your menstruation in summer, remember to purchase according to the above conditions.

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