Pe Film For Sanitary Pads Market Research Report

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1. Pe film for sanitary pads

At present, the most important application of PE film is mainly in diapers, sanitary napkins, etc. The main suppliers of breathable masterbatch are Jinfa, SK, etc. The main manufacturers of PE film for sanitary napkins are Huahan, Zihua, Shunchang, Deutsche Shan, while the brands of diapers and sanitary napkins using PE film are mainly Hengan, P & G, unicham, etc. This article briefly introduces the market and forecast of pe film for sanitary pads.

Proportion of major suppliers of sanitary napkins:

engan (Hengan Group) 11%

P & G (Pampers) 9.3%

unicham (Unicham) 7.2%

ABC 6.5% Other 66%

 PE film

2. Main manufacturers of pe film for sanitary pads

The main manufacturers of pe film for sanitary pads are Huahan, Zihua, Shunchang, and Deshan. There are also Xinle Huabao, Quanzhou Hengfeng, Shandong Haiwei, Foshan Wanjia and so on.

The installed capacity of high-speed PE film BTF production lines in China, production capacity: Huahan 4 650 tons/month, Zihua 3 500 tons/month, Shunchang 5 800 tons/month. 15gPE film has not been formally produced by several companies. P&G uses materials from Japan's Daika and South Korea's Daedong, with a demand of about 600 tons/month, and Kao uses materials imported from Taiwan, with a consumption of 50 tons/month. Kimberly uses Shunchang, Huahan and Korean materials, with a consumption of 250 tons/month. Unicharm uses 500 tons/month of Deshan materials, and Hengan uses 800 tons/month of Yuehan, Landi and Korean materials.

pe film for sanitary pads

*Shunchang installed the first SML ultra-high-speed line (300M/M) in 2010 to produce 15g P&G ultra-thin PE film. The Henkel Group intends to introduce the same ultra-high-speed model.

*Zihua, Shunchang and Deshan all have their own masterbatch production lines.

Major manufacturers of breathable masterbatch

SK: The breathable masterbatch is made in China (Guangdong), with 4000--6000 tons a year. AT810 (general purpose), AT820 (high rigidity, high strength, deep embossing)

Jinfa: The sales volume of AT-NO2 in the market is more than 10,000 tons per year, and the main markets are Fujian, Guangdong and other places;

Guangzhou Synthetic: The main market is the Jiangnan area, with an annual market volume of about 12,000 tons.

There has been a stable demand for pe film for sanitary pads in countries such as Europe and the United States, and the domestic market will mature with the demand for functionality and comfort, and the demand space for it will surely increase.

PE film backsheet

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