Effect Of Spunlace Process Parameters On The Performance Of Spunlace Non Woven Polyester Fabric

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Among all kinds of non-woven processing technology, spunlace is one of the fastest-growing and promising production technologies. Spunlace non-woven fabric has excellent characteristics, good moisture absorption and air permeability, soft hand feeling, high strength, good drapability, and no chemical adhesives. In the output of the whole nonwoven fabric, spunlace nonwoven fabric occupies a large proportion. This paper briefly introduces the influence of spunlace process parameters on the performance of spunlace non woven polyester fabric.

1. Needle pressure

The degree of fiber entanglement in the nonwoven fabric will affect the strength, stability and uniformity of the nonwoven fabric. The better the fiber entanglement effect, the higher the strength and stability of the product. The fiber entanglement effect is closely related to the water needle energy absorbed per unit area of the fiber net. The higher the water needle pressure, the greater the water entanglement energy generated, the higher the degree of entanglement, the lower the thickness of the product, and the higher the strength of the product. The mesh of the non-woven fabric will also be clearer. However, when the water needle pressure increases to a certain extent, the increase in product strength tends to be flat. Therefore, adopting appropriate spunlace pressure is the main development trend of spunlace technology today.

2. Production speed

Reducing the production speed can increase the strength of polyester spunlace non-woven fabrics, but considering the production efficiency, the production speed should not be too slow, so it is necessary to seek a balance between strength and efficiency that can make the product strength qualified without excessively reducing production. balance of efficiency. In addition, the production speed and water needle pressure should also be properly coordinated. As the production speed increases, the water needle pressure should also increase accordingly, so that products with soft hand feeling and qualified quality can be obtained. Therefore, choosing the matching water needle pressure and production speed can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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3. Spunlace head parameters

The jet board is the key to the success of the spunlace technology. There are many micro-holes on the jet plate, and the water flows through the micro-holes to form jets. Therefore, a good jet plate can produce precise and stable jets while withstanding high pressure, and effectively transmit the jet energy. The smaller the diameter of the spray hole of the spunlace head and the closer the arrangement of the spunlace heads, the better the appearance of the polyester spunlace nonwoven fabric and the higher the strength of the product. Therefore, reducing the diameter of the spunlace head and increasing the number of spunlace heads can greatly improve the performance of polyester spunlace non-woven fabrics, but at the same time, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the feasibility of the process and the cost of investment, and strive to maximize the benefits .

4. Spunlace distance

The spunlace distance refers to the distance that water flows through the spray hole of the water spray plate to reach the fiber web. Under the same water needle pressure, the spunlace distance is long, the speed of the water needle reaching the fiber net is small, the impact force of the water needle on the fiber net is small, the energy obtained is small, and the puncture effect on the fiber net is poor; The puncture distance is short, the energy obtained by the fiber net is large, the strength of the spunlace non woven polyester fabric is also improved, the product mesh is obvious, but the impact force of the water on the surface of the fiber net is also relatively large, and it is rebounded without puncture, and the energy of the water needle greater loss. Therefore, too long or too short spunlace distance will affect the performance of polyester spunlace nonwovens, and it is extremely important to choose a suitable spunlace distance.

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5. Structure and type of net curtain

The support net curtain is an important component of hydroentanglement reinforcement. In addition to the role of supporting the fiber net, the water jet passes through the fiber net and hits the net curtain in the process of spunlace reinforcement, and bounces on the support net to form a reflection flow in different directions and passes through the fiber again. The net, also participates in the fiber entanglement process. The support screen can effectively filter water during the spunlace process and improve the entanglement effect of the fiber web. Different structures and types of the support screen can obtain spunlace products with different appearance structures.

6. Number of spunlace passes

The selection of the number of hydroentanglement has a great influence on the entanglement effect and uniformity of the fiber web. The number of spunlace passes should be determined according to the product's appearance style, softness and quality per unit area.

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