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In recent years, air through bonding nonwoven has become popular in the field of personal hygiene care products, especially products such as sanitary napkins, panty liners, baby diapers and baby pull-up pants. Hot air cloth has been widely concerned and widely used in the industry for its soft feel, fluffy appearance and easy post-processing.

air through bonding nonwoven

Air through bonding nonwoven is a dry-laid nonwoven fabric formed by carding short fibers into a web and reinforced by hot air. The post-processing is to make the non-woven fabric show an exquisite appearance, embody the characteristics of breathability, softness, and fluffy, and reduce the contact points with the skin, so that the subjective feeling is comfortable. There are many ways to achieve the above characteristics, including perforation, embossing, lamination, coating and so on.

1. Punch

Through the design of the hole pattern, a pattern with holes is presented, which makes the surface or bottom layer of the sanitary product more beautiful. This is generally accomplished by means of heated pinholed rolls.

2. Embossed

The surface of air through bonding nonwoven shows a dark pattern through the heating and pressure of the flat roller and pattern roller, which is used for the top layer of sanitary napkins, wings or diapers, reflecting the high-end sense of the product.

air through non woven

3. Lamination compound

Using hot pressing or ultrasonic bonding, the two layers of materials are pasted together, and punched, embossed, or these processes are used in combination to make the material present a 3D three-dimensional effect. The choice of material can be hot air + hot air, hot air + spunbond, hot air + film and other forms.

4. Coating

Spray or scrape hydrophilic agents, emollient oils, spices, etc. on the surface of the material to endow the material with special properties, such as skin-friendly, soft, and fragrant.

With the development of technology in the non-woven fabric industry and the increase in the needs of consumers at different levels, small and beautiful innovations will emerge in endlessly. Combination products of spinning and weaving technology provide a variety of material options for hygiene products.

hot air non woven fabric

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