A Low Viscosity Sanitary Product Spandex Glue

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1. Eisai spandex glue

Sanitary material spandex glue is a hot-melt adhesive used in the bonding of elastic spandex filaments and substrates in sanitary products. It plays the role of fixing the elastic material, so that the elastic material can be better bonded to the non-woven fabric and the base film. Give sanitary products a better personal comfort. It is generally required that the rubber rubber has high creep resistance, good thermal stability, suitable opening time, good adhesion to elastic materials and PE backing materials or non-woven fabrics, no reverse seepage to non-woven fabrics, soft and elastic.

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The existing spandex glue is a high-temperature hot-melt adhesive with an operating temperature of 150-160°C. At present, products at room temperature can meet the general bonding needs, but with the market demand for softer hygiene products, the weight of the base material The weight is getting smaller and smaller, so it is required to be able to apply glue under medium and low temperature conditions, which has reduced the risk of glue penetration.

The application temperature of low-temperature spandex glue is 110-130°C, which has excellent cohesive strength and adhesive force, and can avoid scalding the base film. It can be directly coated on plastic PE film without scalding or deformation, thus increasing the selectivity and operability of coating substrates.

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2. Low viscosity spandex glue

Based on the above, Patent No. 201910034011.4 proposes a low-viscosity sanitary product spandex glue, which includes the following components: tackifying resin, SBR rubber, hyperbranched polyester, softener, and antioxidant. At the same time, this patent also provides a corresponding preparation method: (1) Put the softener and antioxidant into the stainless steel reactor; (2) After the temperature rises to 140°C, add SBR rubber, and control the temperature of the reactor at 150°C; (3) Put in tackifying resin and hyperbranched polyester after the SBR rubber is completely dissolved, control the temperature of the stainless steel reactor within 200°C and stir for 30-60min, vacuumize to -0.085MPa, discharge and cool for packaging.

The beneficial effect of this patent is: the low-viscosity spandex glue prepared by it can maintain excellent coating performance while making the product have good creep resistance, and is suitable for all-natural spandex glue, spandex fiber, Lycra fiber, etc. Many elastic materials have excellent adhesion effect.

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