Learn About PE Laminated Film For Diapers

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1. Characteristics of PE Laminated film

Diapers are mainly composed of surface covering layer, diversion layer, absorbent core layer, leak-proof bottom film, elastic waist, Velcro, Velcro and hot-melt adhesive bonding all parts together. Absorbent system built from multiple layers of nonwovens. Among them, the leak-proof bottom film of diapers is in direct contact with human skin, and is mainly used to prevent the leakage of urine and play a role of isolation. Therefore, it is required to have the following properties: (1) good gas permeability; (2) Good water leakage resistance; (3) good tensile properties and tear resistance; (4) good flexibility, etc. 

PE Laminated film

At present, the leak-proof bottom film of diapers usually adopts PP breathable microporous film or hot-rolled non-woven PE Laminated film. The breathable microporous membrane utilizes the diameter difference between water droplets (20 microns) and water vapor molecules (0.0004 microns), and the pore diameter is in between to make the microporous membrane both breathable and waterproof.

Laminated film


2. Processing method of PE Laminated film

PE Laminated film is mainly composed of cast film and nonwoven fabric in a certain way. At present, there are three main composite processing methods: nonwoven fabric online rolling method, hot melt spraying method and EVA hot melt transfer method. Since PE Laminated film combines the good softness and water resistance of cast film, it also has the strength and air permeability of nonwoven fabric, which greatly improves the application field and product value of the original embossed film. The composite product of embossed film can not only be used in personal hygiene products such as baby diapers and nursing pads, but also in product fields such as surgical gowns and protective clothing. Therefore, the composite material of embossed film and non-woven fabric, as one of the development directions of embossed film, has broad market prospects.


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