Optimizing The Molding Device For Reseal Tape

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1.Reseal tape used on absorbent products

Reseal tape is a product used on absorbent products to make absorbent products easy to tear off and wrap. Absorbent products on the market, such as sanitary napkins, panty liners, breast pads, nursing pads, diapers, incontinence pads, etc. are equipped with reseal tape.

At present, most of the reseal tape mechanisms used in the production lines of existing absorbent products have a relatively simple structure, especially the reseal tape forming device, which can neither realize the cutting and molding of various shapes of reseal tape, but also when the line is running at high speed, the shearing The resulting reseal tape is prone to problems of different lengths and skews. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a reseal tape forming device with good shearing effect and high efficiency.Based on this, Patent No. 202121737419.7 provides a reseal tape forming device to solve the problem of poor shearing effect.

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2.Reseal tape technical solution

The technical solution is: a reseal tape forming device, including a frame, a feeding roller, a guide roller, a driving roller, a positioning and correcting device, a conveying mechanism and a die-cutting mechanism, and the feeding roller is rotated and set on the frame through a power mechanism; There are several guide rollers, all of which are rotated and installed on the frame; the driving roller is rotated and installed on the frame through the power device; the positioning and correcting device is installed on the frame to correct the reseal tape material; the conveying mechanism is installed on the frame Above; the die-cutting mechanism is set on the frame, and is located on the side of the conveying mechanism away from the positioning and correcting device. The reseal tape material passes through the feeding roller, guide roller, driving roller, positioning and correcting device and the conveying mechanism in turn, and stretches into the mold The cutting mechanism cuts and shapes.

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This kind of reseal tape forming device has a simple structure. The reseal tape material passes through each structure in turn and is cut and formed by the die-cutting mechanism, which avoids the deflection of the transmission path of the reseal tape material and improves the shearing effect of the reseal tape.

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