The Development Trend Of Spunlace Non Woven Fabric In The Field Of Wet Wipes

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1. Green environmental protection and degradability

This article introduces the development trend of Spunlace non woven fabric in the application field of wet wipes. There are the following points.Wet wipes are disposable products. With the wide application of wet wipes, it will inevitably bring a lot of environmental problems. Consumers and environmental protection organizations in developed countries such as Europe and the United States have begun to pay attention to the green environmental protection and degradability of wet wipe products to ensure sustainable development and prevent a large amount of non-degradable garbage from being generated or even polluting the environment. Environmentally friendly and degradable fibers such as cotton and other natural fibers, polylactic acid fibers, and Tencel fibers have begun to be used in wet wipe materials.

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2. Flushability

Flushable wet wipes mean that after use, the wet wipes are directly flushed into the sewer after being dispersed by the impact of water without clogging. With the extensive use of wet wipes in Europe and the United States, urban sewage systems are often blocked by discarded wet wipes. Therefore, research on the flushability of wet wipes was carried out as early as the end of the last century. In recent years, 5%-10% of wet wipes in Europe and 10%-15% in Japan are flushable, and the proportion continues to expand, and the market prospect is very good.

At present, there are mainly two methods to achieve flushability: 1) The flushable dry-laid paper provided by Kimberly-Clark uses a triggerable adhesive. When the environment changes, the adhesive effect disappears and the flushable effect is achieved. 2) Flushable wet wipes are made of special shaped fibers through spunlace technology.

It is important to note that the flushable material should also be degradable.

3. Functionality

With the development of the market and the continuous subdivision of different application fields, wet wipe materials are required to have certain functionality to meet different application requirements.

It is pointed out that in the U.S. market, the growth rate and profit of industrial wet wipes are much higher than that of baby wet wipes. growth of.

The wet wipes market demand drives the Spunlace non woven fabric industry to continuously develop products with various functions and special uses. For example, spunlace cloth made of antibacterial fiber is used for personal cleaning wipes; Spunlace non woven fabric with good wear resistance is used for household cleaning wipes; spunlace cloth containing microfiber is soft and high tear It is widely used in industrial wet wipes due to its high tear strength, good hygroscopicity, and the ability to prevent fluff and particles from falling off.

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4. Personalization

The market competition is fierce. Wet wipe manufacturers have made great efforts in terms of outer packaging, function, and fragrance. As an important part of wet wipes, Spunlace non woven fabric is also given different colors or patterns, hoping to attract the attention of young customers. , and increase product prices.Foreign wet wipe manufacturers have launched colorful Spunlace non woven fabric wet wipes, such as pink, orange, etc. This kind of Spunlace non woven fabric is made of primary color fibers. advantage.Various patterns are formed on the surface of Spunlace non-woven fabric through the spunlace embossing process, such as company LOGO, cartoon images, etc.It is believed that with the development of spunlace technology, more types of functional Spunlace non-woven fabrics will be applied in the field of wet wipes in the future.

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