Application Of SS Spunbond Non Woven Fabric In Disposable Hygiene Products

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Disposable sanitary products are also known as disposable disposable products, and its English name is "Disposable Sanitary Products" or "Hygiene Product-ucts", including feminine hygiene products (sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, sanitary tampons, etc.), baby diapers or Baby diapers and adult incontinence products (adult diapers, nursing pads), wipes, etc. This article briefly describes the application of SS spunbond non woven fabric in this field.

spunbond material

1. Application of SS spunbond non woven fabric in baby diaper products

Diaper Top Sheet (SS)

Functional requirements: 1. Good hydrophilic effect 2. Soft and comfortable to the touch 3. Low rewetting amount and dryness 4. Good covering performance 5. No irritation and allergies to the skin 6. Gram weight is 12-18gsm

Diaper front waist sticker/left and right waist sticker (elastic material & non-elastic material)

Feature request:

1. Product requirements for ordinary front waist stickers and non-woven fabrics for left and right stickers: good strength and good extensibility

2. Requirements for elastic non-woven fabrics for flanks: good stretchability, high elastic recovery ability, and soft touch

3. Requirements for non-woven fabrics for composite elastic flanks: good air permeability, soft and comfortable

Diaper Wrap

Functional requirements: 1. Good hydrophilic effect 2. Good covering property

Diversion layer of diapers (not commonly used)

Non-woven fabric for diaper backsheet (SS)

Functional requirements: 1. Soft and comfortable to the touch 2. Good coverage 3. Less fluff 4. No skin irritation and allergies 5. The weight is 10-17gsm (individually>20gsm)

2. The overall key requirements of SS spunbond non woven fabric in the application of disposable hygiene products

Most of the requirements are hydrophobic materials, but they need to have hydrophilic treatment function

Low weight material requirements: 10-13gsm

Composite with film

Soft, low fluff rate/good abrasion resistance, good uniformity, high breaking strength, good hydrostatic pressure resistance

Spunbond non woven

3.Performance characteristics and test methods of SS spunbond non woven fabric

Thickness: thickness gauge

Uniformity: visual inspection

Gram weight: electronic balance

Denier: microscope

Brightness/Whiteness: Colorimeter

Slip seepage amount: 30 degree oblique angle test method

Softness: cup pressure method, Handle-O-Meter tester

Penetration Performance: Edana Lister Tester

Abrasion Resistance: Martindale Abrasion Tester

Tensile strength/elongation strength: Grab Tensile, Elongation Peak Energy

Anti-hydrostatic pressure: FX3000-3H hydrostatic permeability tester

SS spunbond non woven fabric

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