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The backsheet film of diapers is in direct contact with human skin, so it is required to have the following properties: (1) good gas permeability; (2) good leak-proof water; (3) good tensile properties and tear resistance performance; (4) good flexibility and so on. At present, the backsheet films of diapers mainly include PE breathable films and composite backsheet films. This article briefly introduces one of them, the backsheet film.

 backsheet film

1. Backsheet film is a new type of polymer waterproof material

PE (polyethylene) breathable film is a new type of polymer waterproof material. The principle of its preparation is that a functional inorganic substance (such as special calcium carbonate about 50%) is uniformly mixed into the PE raw material (LDPE or LLDPE), and then the material is stretched at a certain rate after it is extruded into a film. . During this process, interfacial exfoliation occurs between the polymer and the calcium carbonate particles, and interconnected and meandering pores or channels are formed around the calcium carbonate particles. Due to the relatively high density of micropore distribution, this kind of PE breathable membrane has a certain water vapor transmission rate, but does not leak liquid. In terms of technology, the technical requirements of PE breathable membrane are much higher than that of general waterproof materials.

 pe film

2. Quality of Backsheet film

From the quality point of view, PE breathable membrane also has functional characteristics that other waterproof materials do not have:

A. Permeable to gas but impermeable to water, can be used as a water-proof material, and has moisture resistance;

B. It can properly improve the air convection in the user's small environment, which is beneficial to skin breathing;

C. Based on the characteristics of the material itself, this type of PE film is an environmentally friendly material and does not harm the environment.

Compared with the non-breathable films used for such products, PE breathable films can bring more comfort to users and reduce problems such as dermatitis caused by the airtight material, so it is widely used in the Backsheet film of diapers.

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