How To Buy Sanitary Pads According To Sanitary Pad Ingredients?

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When women are menstruating, the sensitive areas of the skin are the most vulnerable. The survey shows that 73% of women will feel local itching and burning pain during menstruation. This is mostly caused by the use of airtight sanitary pads. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right sanitary pad to have a safe period. Sanitary pads are generally composed of three parts: surface layer, absorbent layer and bottom layer, and these three parts use different materials. When using, it should be purchased according to sanitary pad ingredients.

1. Sanitary pad ingredients-surface layer

The surface layer should choose a funnel type with a dry mesh surface (PE perforated film). The surface layer is dry so that the local skin will not suffer from moisture; the funnel-shaped design is better than the barrel-shaped design, and the infiltrated liquid is not easy to return.

 sanitary pad ingredients

2. Sanitary pad ingredients-middle layer

The middle layer is preferably breathable and contains a high-efficiency gelling layer. The sanitary pad with a high-efficiency gel layer can condense the infiltrated liquid into a gel-like shape, which will not re-infiltrate after being pressed, and the surface will not feel sticky.

3. Sanitary pad ingredients- bottom layer

The bottom layer is preferably made of breathable materials, which can allow gaseous water molecules to pass through smoothly, so as to achieve the effect of timely discharge of moisture, effectively reduce the effect of the sanitary pad and the body to discharge moisture, and effectively reduce the sanitary pad and the body. Humidity and sultry heat between the body, keep dry and fresh feeling.

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Sanitary pads are the main driving force driving the development of the entire feminine hygiene products market. As one of the daily hygiene products, sanitary pads play a pivotal role in women's daily life, especially menstruation. Knowing about sanitary pad ingredients and making purchases based on them will help women pass their menstrual periods better.

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