Recognize Material Used For Sanitary Pads

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Recognize material used for sanitary pads

Sanitary napkins belong to the personal hygiene products industry. In recent years, thanks to the rapid growth of the social economy, women's attention and improvement of personal health awareness, the continuous development of the consumer market in rural areas and urbanization, the use of sanitary napkins by female consumers in my country has become It has been fully cultivated and the frequency of use has increased year by year, forming a huge and steadily growing rigid market demand for sanitary napkins. The material used for sanitary pads is introduced hierarchically from its basic structure as follows.

material used for sanitary pads

The first layer:

water-repellent and side-leakage-proof. Anti-side leakage design on both sides, using all the three-dimensional water-repellent non-cloth materials of baby diapers as the water-repellent side leakage edge, can achieve the real anti-side leakage effect.

The second layer:

skin-friendly soft cotton nano antibacterial non-woven surface layer. Imported cotton soft non-woven fabric, with hole design, the hole design makes the absorption speed 3 times faster than ordinary materials, and it is soft and elastic and skin-friendly;

The third layer:

the world's leading negative ion chip, with far-infrared, magnetic and active negative oxygen ion functions; the function is to release active oxygen, improve lung function, promote metabolism, enhance immunity, and improve sleep efficiency;

Fourth layer:

The upper layer is wrapped in a dust-free paper bag, which wraps the water absorption factor in all directions, which is safe and comfortable.

The fifth layer:

strong water-locking layer, imported polymer absorbent paper, (polymer, dry-laid paper, with fast absorption and strong water-locking ability

napkin raw material

The sixth layer:

dust-free paper wraps the lower layer;

The seventh:

Leak-proof and breathable bottom film (the bottom film has good breathability and can breathe, breathable and impermeable

The eighth layer:

release paper, which can effectively protect and fix the adhesiveness of the backing. (Food-grade intermittent adhesive design, in line with ergonomic principles, more healthy and comfortable)

The ninth layer:

fully sealed outer film, good sealing, tall and safe and hygienic.

Sanitary napkins are essential for women's health care. Because of their strong water absorption, comfortable use, free movement and easy portability, they are very popular among women. Learn about the material used for sanitary pads to help women make better choices and use sanitary pads.

raw material for sanitary napkin

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