Detailed Explanation of The Raw Materials and Structure of Diapers

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As a typical absorbent hygiene product, disposable diapers have higher raw materials and manufacturing processes than general cleaning paper, and their gross profit margins are correspondingly higher. In recent years, the sales of adult incontinence products, which are mainly used to improve the quality of life of the elderly and the disabled, have begun to rise sharply around the world, and the future of the diaper industry is very promising.

In terms of baby diapers, with the increase in per capita purchasing power in my country and the change in parenting concepts, the baby diaper market has maintained a momentum of rapid growth. my country's huge population base and the fourth baby boom have provided huge growth space for the baby diaper market. It is expected that the domestic baby diaper market will maintain a double-digit growth rate in the next five years. At present, more than 90% of infants aged 0 to 2 in large and medium-sized cities in China have used disposable diapers, and in small and medium-sized towns and relatively affluent rural areas, the market for relatively inexpensive disposable diapers is gradually expanding.

In terms of adult incontinence products, with the continuous changes in the domestic population structure, the entire industry has entered a period of rapid growth in recent years. According to the survey, the domestic market size has exceeded 1.2 billion yuan, but the market penetration rate is still less than 3%. If calculated according to the world average penetration rate of 12%, the market size of adult incontinence products in my country is about 10 billion yuan. It can be foreseen that with the development of China's economy, the aging of society and the change of the concept of elderly consumers, China's adult incontinence products will have a rapid "blowout" development under the circumstance of a very low base.
Adult Incontinence Products

1. Topsheet Nonwoven Fabric 

The topsheet nonwoven fabric is in direct contact with the baby's delicate skin, so it is required to be soft and breathable, and does not absorb water itself, which can keep the child's body dry, quickly absorb urine and prevent side leakage. The material used for the surface layer is non-woven fabric, and the most commonly used in the field of diapers are hot air non-woven fabrics and spunbond non-woven fabrics, among which hot air non-woven fabrics have better performance.
Topsheet non woven fabric

2. ADL Guide Layer 

The ADL guide Layer is located between the topsheet and the absorbent core, and its function is to make the diaper absorb liquid quickly, effectively and evenly. Because the baby's urine is discharged in the part of the diaper, if it cannot be diverted to other places in time and quickly, it will cause the partial core of the diaper to be blocked due to excessive absorption, resulting in re-infiltration.

Compared with the material of the surface layer, the fibers of the diversion layer are mainly arranged longitudinally. When the urine reaches the diversion layer, the fiber mesh of the diversion layer will absorb the liquid immediately. After temporary storage, the liquid will spread along the longitudinal fibers. , until it is absorbed by the core layer, to avoid the phenomenon that the core layer is partially blocked and re-infiltrated due to a large amount of absorbed liquid.
ADL guide layer

3. Absorbent Paper

At present, the diapers circulating on the market are usually divided into two core structures: one is a full core. The other is composite paper core, which is composed of fluff pulp and polymer water absorbent resin (SAP).

Here are a few more words about polymer water absorbent resin. Polymer water-absorbent resin (SAP) is a polymer with a three-dimensional space network formed by appropriate cross-linking. It is insoluble in water and organic solvents, but it has peculiar water absorption and water retention properties, and at the same time has the characteristics of polymer materials: the water absorption is large, up to hundreds or even thousands of times its own mass, and the water absorption speed can be Gel is formed in a few seconds, and has strong water retention. It is not easy to lose water even under heat and pressure conditions. It has good stability to light, heat, acid and alkali, and has good biodegradation performance.

4. Diaper film

The diaper film looks like a plastic film, but it is actually a breathable microporous film, and the micropore is the most critical part. Since the minimum diameter of water droplets is 20µm, the diameter of water vapor molecules is 0.0004µm, and the diameter of micropores is 0.0004µm. Right in between. In this way, it is guaranteed to be breathable and impermeable to water.
Diaper film

5. Legcuff SMMS Non woven Fabric

The anti-side leakage edge of the leg mouth is located on both sides of the thigh mouth and connects the surface layer. Its function is to prevent the urine from overflowing from the side because it cannot leak down in time.

6. Hot melt adhesive

The process of producing diapers is a relatively complex process. It is a liquid suction control system established by multiple layers of non-woven materials. It is a composite of leaky edges, velcro, spandex yarn, and a hot-melt adhesive that holds the parts together.

hot melt adhesive

For a diaper, there are many kinds of raw materials and structures, but all the qualified raw materials in the production process are safe and environmentally friendly for the human body and the environment, and can be used by babies with peace of mind. Speaking of the last, do you already have a more comprehensive understanding of the production materials of diapers?

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