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Many mothers find a tape on the back of their children's diapers when they put them on, and they think that this tape is probably what they need to use to put on the nappies, but they don't know what it is for.

1. Diaper ingredients list - abandoned tape

 diaper ingredients list

A. The tape at the back of the diaper ingredients list is for storage purposes. After the diaper is used up, roll the diaper into a roll, tie the diaper into a roll and stick it with the tape so that the contents of the nappy do not flow out. Babies' skin is extremely delicate. If they are immersed in urine for a long time or if their nappies are damp because they are impermeable, a small red rash will appear on their buttocks or their skin will become rougher, which is called "nappy rash" or "red bottom". It is important to take care of your bottom by washing it promptly after passing urine and faeces and using buttock cream, and changing nappies regularly to keep your bottom dry.

B. The plastic strip is on the back and the tape on the top is a discard sticker to prevent the poo from getting dirty and sticking to the pull-ups after use. It is still a protective sticker for the child; please stick it diagonally downwards so that it is not easy to stack the baby on top of each other, there are many disadvantages to stick it horizontally, the waist circumference is not suitable for anything, if you stick it horizontally, the front and back will be the same, then the baby's little belly button will also be in the diaper, it is better to stick it diagonally.

 baby diaper ingredients

C.Diapers are like underwear, with buckles at both ends of the hip bone, and have the feature of absorbing a lot of water. diaper ingredients list can be breathable outer layer and can prevent back seepage, and the thickness is suitable, so that the baby can wear comfortably. Pull-ups are also known as growth trousers and are only used when the baby can undo the nappy by himself or when the baby is always moving around when changing nappies.

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