What Is Diaper Making Raw Material Spandex?

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Diaper making raw material spandex is a diaper making material that is safe for babies and is also very healthy and non-allergenic. So what is diaper making raw material spandex?

1. What is diaper making raw material spandex yarn?

(1) Asahi Kasei spandex, one of the two top brands in the world.

(2)Good tensile strength and elastic recovery rate, saving raw material.

(3)No breakage, good adhesion to glue, excellent machine adaptability.

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A. diaper making raw material is generally made up of three main components: the surface covering, the absorbent core layer and the backing. The surface cover layer is close to the baby's body, which enables rapid penetration of urine and effectively prevents re-infiltration, keeping the surface layer of the diaper dry.

B. Diapers on the domestic market basically have a non-woven surface layer. The breathable non-woven fabric enhances the degree of breathability inside the diaper, allowing water vapour to circulate outside the nappy, discharging moisture and heat in a timely manner, effectively reducing the chance of eczema, being soft and comfortable without irritating the skin. Absorption and storage of urine. The absorbent core layer of nappies on the domestic market is mainly made of pure wood pulp (fluff pulp) and highly absorbent resin (SAP) in a laminated structure.

C. Highly absorbent resin (referred to as polymer SAP) is a wonderful material for manufacturing baby diapers, which is made of starch and acrylates as the main raw materials; the outstanding feature is that it absorbs and holds a surprisingly large amount of water.

D. Many diaper bottoms abroad already use non-woven fabrics that feel more comfortable, but due to high prices, nappy bottoms in the domestic market are still mainly made of PE film.

E. Although different brands and series use different designs or materials for local details, the main principle is to absorb urine through paper (in fact, nowadays it is mostly wood pulp fibres + highly absorbent resin) to achieve the effect of keeping babies' butts dry after urination.

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2. Good diaper making raw material has and is different

When buying diapers for your baby, mothers should pay attention to the reputation of the brand and try to choose a nappy brand with a good reputation and high sales. In addition, it is also more important that the most crucial thing to buy diapers is diaper making raw material, breathability and comfort are especially important for babies, if you buy bad diapers, it will make your baby's butt appear red rash and other symptoms oh, so, choose good and affordable nappies is the pursuit of mothers. It is recommended that mothers should compare nappies with other diapers, not necessarily the expensive ones are good and the cheap ones must be bad. It is more important that your baby is comfortable with them. Therefore, mothers should choose diapers according to the size of their baby and the cost effectiveness of the diapers.

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