Which Is The Best Raw Material For Diapers?

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Every raw material for diapers is different and it is important to choose the right material for your baby, which is the best raw material for diapers? It is a natural material and is not inflammatory to the baby's body. They are also softer on the skin and offer better protection.

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1. Which is the best raw material for diapers?

A. First of all, we should be clear that the main components of a diaper are the core layer, the core and the base film.

The design structure and materials of the top layer and core can guarantee the breathability of the diaper, while the bottom film is the obstacle to the breathability of the diaper.

B. We often see test videos sent out by businesses when choosing nappies. Some businesses conduct tests, but they use new diapers that have not absorbed water as the test object. . So it is best to try them out for yourself.3

C. Bottom films are traditionally of three types;

PE plastic base film: poor feel, poor breathability, you can refer to our usual plastic bag on the hand feeling.

PE + spunbond non-woven top layer: feel good, easy to pilling, breathability in general

Hot air non-woven backing: soft feel, good breathability, price is from low to high.

D. In fact, according to the current technology, diapers should be able to do very well in terms of breathability, but diapers are after all daily consumables, so businesses will choose cheap raw material for diapers to save costs. This is a change brought about by technology and I hope that it will soon become popular.

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2. What to do if raw material for diapers causes red bottom

A. The mother can leave the diapers on during the day to allow the baby's bottom to be exposed to air, which will help to relieve the red bottom. This will help to relieve the baby's red bottom. When the night is longer, the baby can be put in nappies again.

B. When putting diapers on your baby, make sure to apply some buttock cream beforehand. The buttock cream has a preventive effect on red bottom and can protect your baby's bottom. It is also very easy to use. The ingredients of the cream are herbal and will not irritate the baby's skin.

C. When a baby has red skin, sesame oil can be applied to the affected area. Sesame oil is a very good remedy for red bottoms and is an inexpensive natural remedy for red bottoms, as it is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It is an inexpensive natural remedy for red bottoms and is also very effective for skin ulcers under the armpits and neck.

D. In addition, the mother should wash the baby's bottom after defecation to avoid bacteria on the baby's bottom and reduce the reproduction of bacteria, which can also effectively reduce the incidence of red bottom.

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