Analysis Of Main Influencing Factors On Air Permeability Of Spunlace Non Woven Fabric

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Spunlace non woven fabric has good air permeability and can be used in many fields, such as the surface material of sanitary napkins, diapers, masks and other products. Its air permeability has a great influence on the filtering effect. This paper analyzes the main factors affecting the breathability of spunlace non woven fabric.

1. The effect of mass per unit area on the breathability of spunlace non woven fabric

The mass per unit area of nonwovens is one of the key factors affecting the breathability of products. By testing the air permeability of spunlace non woven fabric under different mass per unit area, it is found that the air permeability of spunlace non woven fabric gradually decreases with the increase of mass per unit area, and decreases when the mass per unit area increases to a certain extent tend to flatten. When the mass per unit area of the product is lower than 45g/m2, the air permeability decreases rapidly. This is because the fibers of the spunlace fabric can be arranged in a very dense manner when the mass per unit area is above 45g/m2. When the mass per unit area is less than 45g /m2, the uniformity of the fabric surface of the spunlace product will gradually deteriorate. If the control of the carding and spunlace process is unreasonable, there will sometimes be relatively obvious small holes on the fabric surface, resulting in an increase in the air permeability. To sum up, the higher the mass per unit area, the thicker the product, the higher the areal density, the tighter the arrangement of fibers under the action of hydroentanglement, the fewer pores, and the stronger the air barrier effect.

hydrophilic spunlace non woven fabric 

2. The effect of laying method on the air permeability of spunlace non woven fabric

There are two ways of laying spunlace nonwovens: straight lay and cross lay. The fibers of the straight-laid product are combed by the carding machine, and the fibers are arranged longitudinally, and only a few fibers change their direction under the action of the messy roller or the agglomeration roller. The effect of the straight-laid product is that the fibers have high longitudinal parallelism and pores. larger. The cross-laid product is to lay the fiber web several times at a certain angle. The fibers are crisscrossed, and the spatial structure of the fiber web is more chaotic. The interlacing of the longitudinal and transverse fibers makes the pores between the fibers smaller and denser. . Generally, the vertical and horizontal strength ratio of straight-laid spunlace cloth is 3.5~5.5, while the cross-laid spunlace cloth is 1.0~1.8, and the vertical and horizontal strength is basically close. Two groups of cross-laid and straight-laid products with different mass per unit area and the same proportion of polyester viscose were selected to conduct the air permeability test, and it can be concluded that the direct-laid products have better air permeability.

 spunlace non woven fabric for wet wipes

3. The effect of fabric type on the breathability of spunlace non woven fabric

Plain weave, jacquard and mesh are three common spunlace non-woven fabrics, and meshes are more commonly 22 mesh and 40 mesh products according to the size of the hole density.

Through experiments, it is found that there is no obvious difference in the air permeability of straight-laid plain weave and jacquard spunlace non woven fabric, which shows that the overall uniformity of jacquard spunlace fabric is not much different from that of plain weave, and the fiber distribution is relatively uniform, while the mesh spunlace fabric is more uniform. The air permeability of the 22-mesh product has increased significantly, because the small pores on its surface increase the gas permeability, and the air permeability of products with different pore diameters and densities is also different. Stronger and more breathable.

spunlace non woven fabric 

With the rapid development of non-woven materials, the application scope of spunlace non woven fabric is gradually expanding. The discussion and analysis of the breathability of spunlace non woven fabric is of great significance to its production guidance.

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