Type Analysis Of Super Absorbent Polymer Powder

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At present, super absorbent polymer powder has been widely used in many fields such as hygiene and medical treatment due to its excellent water absorption properties. Meanwhile, after decades of research and exploration, its performance has been greatly improved. This article briefly analyzes the current main classification of super absorbent polymer powder.

1. Starch modified type of super absorbent polymer powder

This type of super absorbent polymer powder material was first developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The research and development of this material first requires the grafting reaction of starch and acrylonitrile, and then the hydrolysis of alkaline compounds is used. The synthesis can only be carried out by the introduction of water-based groups; in addition, Japan's Sanyo has also carried out corresponding development work on this type of material, and they mainly use starch and hydrophilic monomers for graft polymerization. After that, the corresponding product can be obtained by cross-linking with a cross-linking agent. For this type of material, it is non-toxic and degradable, so it does not cause damage to the surrounding environment. However, after the material absorbs water, its gel strength will be greatly reduced, resulting in a decrease in the water-retaining effect of the material, and it is easy to decompose during application and lose its use value.

 super absorbent polymer powder

2. Cellulose modification of super absorbent polymer powder

In general, cellulose-modified materials also include two different forms: (1) The product is mainly formed by the reaction of cellulose and chloroacetic acid. In this process, carboxymethyl group needs to be introduced, and cross-linking is required. agent for cross-linking. (2) The product formed by the graft copolymerization of hydrophilic monomer and cellulose. For this type of super absorbent polymer powder material, its production materials are relatively abundant and belong to the type of renewable resources. However, the water absorption rate of this material is relatively low, and it is easily decomposed by bacteria during use and loses the function of water absorption.

3. Synthetic resins of super absorbent polymer powder

As the most widely used super absorbent polymer powder material in industrialization at this stage, it is also the most studied by experts and scholars. There are many types of this material, such as acrylic materials and modified polyvinyl alcohol materials. At present, in the industrial production process in China, the production quantity of polyacrylic acid (salt) materials is the largest, and the materials are mainly prepared by the copolymerization of monomers. In the specific preparation process, the commonly used methods include solution polymerization method, and there are many methods such as bulk polymerization method. The water absorption rate of this material is relatively high, most of which can reach more than a thousand times.

super absorbent polymer 

4. Composite type of super absorbent polymer powder

Compared with the above-mentioned super absorbent polymer powder materials, composite materials have more powerful functions. They not only have strong salt resistance and water absorption, but also have high-strength gel properties and are thermally stable. The performance of the material has also been effectively improved in many aspects such as properties and water retention. In industrial production, the production process of composite materials is relatively simple, and it also has certain advantages in production cost and efficiency. In addition, composite materials are not prone to corruption and damage, and can increase structural strength after improvement.

SAP powder 

As a new type of polymer material, super absorbent polymer powder contains many hydrophilic groups, such as hydroxyl, amino and sulfonic acid groups. It is insoluble in organic solvents and water, and has a strong high water absorption function, which makes it widely used in health, medical and other fields. Understanding the types of super absorbent polymer powder can help people better understand this material.

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