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Diaper spandex has inherent and durable elasticity. Compared with elastic bands, it is not only tougher, but also more durable. It is widely used in three-dimensional guards for sanitary products, elastic bands for diapers, elastic waistlines, and loop waists for training pants. But it also has its own limitations, the product is slightly less aesthetically pleasing and thicker. This article introduces the production process, product characteristics and stretching ratio of spandex fiber.

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1. The production process and product characteristics of diaper spandex

Diaper spandex is a fiber made of a block copolymer with polychloroformate as the main component. China's output accounts for 70% of the world's total. Its production technology is mature, and the process flow is divided into two stages: polymerization and spinning. Many domestic manufacturers have developed low-oil products suitable for the sanitary products industry.

The elastic size of the elastic part of sanitary products is related to its dosage and elastic modulus. Even if the specifications of different manufacturers are the same, the tensile force and resilience are not the same. The modulus is related to its formula and production process. Generally, it has a high elastic modulus, and its resilience and elastic recovery rate are also high. A high elastic modulus is more cost-effective than a low elastic modulus - it uses less and has lower residual deformation. The lower modulus it has a higher stretch, and a smoother resilience curve.

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2. The stretching ratio of diaper spandex

The maximum stretching ratio of diaper spandex is more than 5.0 times, and generally effective stretching is 2.5~3.5 times. Comparing the stress/strain curves of different stretching ratios, it is found that there is no obvious difference in wearing elasticity with different stretching ratios.

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3. Diaper spandex application process and problem countermeasures

Body movement requires close-fitting and comfortable protection, and ideal elastic materials should have a smooth rebound curve that can provide a fit for users of different body types. Let the absorbent core play a better role.

If the resilience of diaper spandex is high, it can increase the absorption time of the core and effectively prevent leakage. Reduce the risk of side leakage. But surface folds can easily lead to skin streaking and discomfort.

Imagine - lower tidal channel discharge and dam, the core is the river bed. The leak proof partition is a dam, and the height of the dam fluctuates with physical activity. The higher the height of the dam, the greater the bottom pressure, the better the leakage prevention effect and the lower the comfort. Therefore, it is necessary to find a balance between comfort and close-fitting leak proof.


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