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As diapers continue to evolve, the use of spandex adhesives and adhesives plays an integral role in enabling the latest trends. But not all adhesives perform the same, and not every adhesive is suitable for use with rubber. Choosing the right spandex adhesive for a diaper can give consumers greater confidence in side leakage protection, fit and privacy, as well as help manufacturers improve operational efficiency and save production costs. This article starts with the selection elements of hot melt adhesives used in diapers.

 spandex adhesive

1. What are the main factors that affect the choice of spandex adhesive?

Choosing the right spandex adhesive for a diaper is a major decision, with many factors to consider, from the adaptability of various nozzles to ease of cleanup. Among them, the main factors to be considered are:

Creep properties. It is usually a measure of how far the adhesive will allow the elastic to move under tension under certain conditions. Strong creep resistance can provide consumers with comfortable stretch, so that the diaper can easily return to its original position when pulled, while preventing the elastic band from slipping or loosening, thereby extending the effective life of the diaper spandex adhesive.

Shear strength. It measures the ability of the adhesive not to break under lateral tension. Excellent shear strength prevents left and right stickers or elastics from detaching. For diapers used in hospitals, home care, etc., caregivers may use the side panels of the diaper to help lift and move the patient, in which case shear failure may render the product unusable and potentially cause injury .

There are many other important factors to consider, including flexibility, cost, product design, and specific manufacturing or line setups.

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2. The influence of production line parameters on the performance of spandex adhesive

The adhesive selected on the production line must be optimized if the creep properties and shear strength are to be optimal. Factors such as temperature, glue amount and application method will affect the adhesive ability and reasonable curing of the adhesive. If conditions change or exceed recommended values, the spandex adhesive will not reach its full potential.

Maintaining proper parameters also ensures accurate application patterns and aesthetics, and minimizes gun jamming.

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With the development and progress of modern society, people's hygiene awareness has been continuously enhanced, and the use of disposable hygiene products has become more and more common. Among them, the market penetration rate of diapers is constantly rising. Paying attention to the development of diapers cannot escape the research on spandex adhesive. Understanding the selection factors that affect the hot melt adhesive used in diapers is conducive to its better development.

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