Causes And Solutions Of Bubbles In The Position Adhesive After Melting

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1.The presence of air bubbles in position adhesive will affect the adhesive effect

so air bubbles cannot exist. However, no matter what state it is in, there should be no air bubbles, and the material used will not automatically generate air bubbles. Then the question arises. If bubbles really appear after the position adhesive is melted, where do the bubbles come from, and how can we solve it?

hot melt adhesive

2. The reason why there are bubbles in the position adhesive after melting

The first possibility: there is moisture in it. After the moisture is vaporized at high temperature, it is mixed into the glue. Because the glue is relatively thick, it is difficult for the gas to float to the surface and release.

The second possibility: other chemical components were incorporated before theposition adhesive was used, and the latter reacted with the currently used adhesive, thereby releasing some kind of gas.

The third possibility: the amount of glue in the glue pot is too small, in addition to the glue, air also enters the delivery port, and the glue flows out together with the air.

hot melt glue

3.Solution for bubbles inside after the position adhesive

(1) For the first possibility:

Find out why there is moisture in the glue, and see if it is because the glue pot has high humidity or the hot melt glue itself has moisture. If the glue pot is wet, dry it before putting the glue down. If there is moisture on the surface of the glue, it also needs to be dried before use. If there is moisture in the glue, it should be dealt with by the supplier to see if it needs to be replaced with another batch of glue or something.

(2) For the second possibility:

Before using different brands of Solution for bubbles inside after the position adhesive, it is recommended to clean the glue pot first, this is to avoid chemical reaction of glue prepared with different raw materials. But generally the same application, the same type of glue, the raw material configuration is not much different, but because the amount of glue melted each time is a lot, a little difference in composition may also cause crosstalk, after mutual reaction, the performance of the glue It will be different from the original performance. If the performance impact is small, it can be ignored, but if the impact is large, it is recommended to clean the glue pot and re-melt a pot of glue for use.

(3) For the third possibility:

Some products do not have a large amount of glue, but the glue pot is very large. At this time, in order not to waste it, only a few pieces of hot melt glue are placed in such a large-capacity glue pot every time. When it is completely melted into a liquid, the glue and air will enter the glue delivery port together, which seems to be coated with the same volume of glue, but because the glue is mixed with air bubbles, the amount of glue applied is actually less. , and the amount of glue in the position occupied by the bubbles is not enough, which affects the paste effect.

 position adhesive

4.The reasons for the bubbles in the position adhesive may be more than the above

When we encounter problems, we should analyze each glue application and find out the root of the problem. However, understanding the reasons for the above bubbles and the solutions will help solve the problem of bubbles appearing inside the Solution for bubbles inside after the position adhesive after melting.

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