Application Of Hydrophobic SMMS Non Woven Fabric

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1. Hydrophobic SMMS non woven  fabric 

The non woven fabric has no warp and weft lines, so it is very convenient to cut and sew, and it is light in weight and easy to shape, which is deeply loved by handicraft enthusiasts. When using non woven fabrics, we all know that there are various types of non woven fabrics, and different types of materials have certain differences in their uses. Today, the editor is mainly to introduce the hydrophobic SMMS non woven  fabric to you.

diaper SMMS

2.SMMS diaper

 A material such as hydrophobic SMMS non woven fabric is not unfamiliar in our life. Generally speaking, the application scope of hydrophobic SMMS non woven fabric is as follows: Melt-blown non woven fabric: purification and filtration, environmental protection and oil absorption , Absorbent wiping, thermal insulation and other industries. Spunbond non woven fabrics: packaging and protection industries such as coats and shoe covers, luggage and shoe materials, agricultural coverings, etc.

SMMS non woven fabric

3. Hydrophobic SMMS non woven fabric application scope

Heat-sealed non-woven fabrics: surgical gowns, bed sheets, curtains and other medical and health protection industries. Glue-laminated non woven fabrics: paint, chemical, dust protection, especially for building covering substrates, can achieve waterproof, breathable, thermal insulation effects. The more important point is the composite SMS of hydrophobic SMMS non woven fabric , hydrophobic SMMS non woven fabric , the weight range is 38~200GSM, SMS composite non woven fabric has 2 layers of spunbond S and one layer of meltblown Cloth M composition.

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