Application Of Embossed Non Woven Fabric

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1. What is embossed non woven fabric

Embossed non woven fabric is a kind of non woven product, generally needle-punched non woven fabric contain low melting point chemical fibers and then compound a layer of thin non woven fabric (spunbond non woven fabric) or woven fabric, and then print or Heat embossing. The embossed non woven fabric is soft and delicate because of the fiber discipline inspection committee, so whether it is dust or fingerprints, it can be wiped clean quickly, and it will not damage the surface of the object, and the dust removal effect is higher than that of ordinary wiping paper.

embossed non woven fabric

2. Features of embossed non woven fabric

A. Tensile resistance, tear resistance, burst resistance, high strength, large elongation coefficient and high mechanical strength.
B. acid and alkali resistance, environmental protection, non-toxic.
C. It has good air permeability and waterproof performance.

D. masterbatch dyeing, do not fade.

non woven fabric

3. Application of embossed non woven fabric

A. Fabric embossed non woven fabric: mainly used for all kinds of toys, handicrafts, fabrics and other fabrics; cut-flower felt non woven fabric such as placemats, coasters, and children's decorations.
B. Embossed non woven fabric for accessories: mainly used for interlinings such as clothing and ties; base fabrics for compounding clothing fabrics; filling of cotton clothes, etc.
C. Home textile embossed non woven fabric: for all kinds of composite, drop plastic, embroidery base fabrics or carpet base fabrics.
D. Household embossed non woven fabric: It can be used as mop cloth, scouring pad, placemat felt, etc.

E. Needle Embossed Non Woven Blanket: can be used as aviation blankets, travel blankets, outdoor mats, craft blankets, electric blankets and other fabrics.

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