Application Of Jumbo Roll SMMS Non Woven

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1. What is Jumbo roll smms non woven

SMS non woven English is: Spunbond + Meltblown + Spunbond Nonwovens, which is made of spunbond non woven fabric + meltblown non woven fabric + spunbond non woven fabric three-layer hot-rolled web, normal weight range: 30-500 grams / square meter; basic width: 1500mm and 2400mm; it is a composite non-woven fabric, which is a composite product of spunbond and meltblown, non-toxic, tasteless, and efficient bacteria isolation. Through the special treatment of the equipment, it can achieve antistatic, anti-alcohol, anti-plasma, water-repellent and water-producing properties.

jumbo roll SMMS non woven

2. Fields of application of Jumbo roll smms non woven materials:
A. Thin Jumbo roll smms non woven, because of its waterproof and breathable properties, is especially suitable for the sanitary market, such as the side leakage prevention edge and backing of sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diapers, adult incontinence diapers, etc.

B. Medium-thick Jumbo roll smms non wovens are suitable for use in medical treatment, making surgical gowns, surgical wraps, surgical coverings, sterilization bandages, wound stickers, plaster stickers, etc. protective clothing, etc. Jumbo roll smms non wovens are more suitable as high-quality medical protective equipment materials because of their good isolation properties, especially Jumbo roll smms non wovens with antistatic treatment, and have been widely used around the world.

legcuff SMMS non woven fabric

C. Thick Jumbo roll smms non woven is widely used as a high-efficiency filter material for various gases and liquids, and is also an excellent high-efficiency oil-absorbing material. It is used in industrial wastewater degreasing, marine oil pollution cleaning and industrial rags.

SMMS non woven

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