Which Diaper SAP Paper Is Better?

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1.SAP Paper,absorbent paper in diaper 

 There are a wide variety of diaper products on the market, but they are mainly composed of four parts: skin-friendly surface layer, diversion layer, SAP paper, and back layer. Among them, the SAP paper is the most important structural component in the diaper. As the main absorption layer, it is required to quickly absorb urine, and use the diversion and SAP paper absorption to quickly diffuse the urine into the entire SAP paper , and then quickly absorb and lock the urine by the SAP paper, and make it not reverse osmosis.

sap paper

2. Traditional fluff pulp SAP paper

The traditional fluff pulp SAP paper is mainly composed of cladding layer, SAP and fluff pulp. After the diapers containing the traditional fluff pulp SAP paper absorb urine, the fluff pulp diffuses and conducts urine by virtue of its natural fiber advantages, and the SAP paper will quickly absorb, expand and lock the urine; The place quickly absorbs liquid and expands and hinders the diffusion of urine, which eventually leads to faults and lumps, which affects the multiple liquid absorption of the diaper.

super absorbent polymer powder

3. New composite SAP paper

As diaper products become lighter and thinner, and people's requirements for liquid absorption performance are getting higher and higher, new composite SAP paper continue to emerge. In the new composite SAP paper, the porous and fluffy non-woven material is a hydrophilic material, and its grid structure can store and fix a large number of SAP paper, so that the SAP is evenly distributed, so the new composite SAP paper absorbs After urine, it will expand as a whole, avoiding the occurrence of faults and lumps after the SAP paper absorbs liquid, and the overall smoothness of the diaper is good.

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