The Application Of Non Woven Polypropylene

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Non woven polypropylene can be divided into the following categories according to its use:

Non woven polypropylene

(1) Medical and health care categories: such as surgical gowns, caps, masks; bed sheets, pillowcases; women's sanitary napkins; diapers, incontinence pads; disposable underwear, etc.
(2) Clothing and footwear: such as interlining, shoulder pads; work clothes, dust-proof clothing, warm flakes, children's clothing, artificial towels; insole leather, artificial suede, synthetic leather, cloth soles, etc.

(3) Home decoration categories: such as carpets, wall coverings; shopping bags, sofa inner wraps, bedspreads, sheets, curtains.

Disposable non woven fabric

(4) Industrial cloths: such as battery separators, filter materials, polishing cloths, electrical insulating cloths, door linings, sound insulation felts, heat insulation pads, various industrial wipes, etc.
(5) Civil engineering and construction: such as geotextiles for reinforcement, reinforcement, filtration, separation, and drainage; roofing waterproofing materials; artificial turf for stadiums, etc.
(6) Agriculture and horticulture: such as vegetable, melon and fruit harvest cloth; soil insulation cloth; seedling raising cloth

(7) Others: such as high-grade money printing paper, map cloth, composite cement bags, rocket head heat-proof cone, etc.

non woven fabric

In addition to the above classification, people can usually divide non-woven polypropylene into durable and disposable. Durable products require repeated use for a longer period of time; while disposable products are products that are no longer used after one or several uses. It can also be divided into thick and thin non-woven polypropylene according to thickness.

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