Do You Really Understand Fluff Pulp In Diapers?

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1. Fluff pulp is the choice for high quality diapers

What is fluff pulp?Simply put, fluff pulp is wood pulp or straw pulp processed with special technology and raw materials. It is commonly made of coniferous wood raw materials, and there is a step in the production process to raise fluff, so it is called fluff pulp.

fluff pulp

2. Characteristics of fluff pulp

In the paper industry, fluff pulp first originated in Europe in the 1950s. Fluff pulp has long fibers, good strength, high density, good fibrosis rate, certain elasticity and good core pad integrity. Fluff pulp is widely used in sanitary napkins, baby diapers, hospital mattresses, medical pads, etc. Manufactured, so as to play the role of water absorption and medium.

untreated fluff pulp

3. Fluff pulp in diapers

In national standards for diapers (sheets, pads), such as GB/T28004-2011, for baby, adult diapers, diapers and pads, fluff pulp is clearly mentioned. Therefore, the use of fluff pulp in diapers and sanitary napkins is a national standard! There are still mothers who find that some diapers do not contain fluff pulp because there is clean paper inside. What is clean paper? It turned out that clean paper is a material produced by reprocessing with fluff pulp, and is mainly used for ultra-thin diapers. For diapers and sanitary napkins, clean paper is a process technology, and direct use of fluff pulp is also a process technology. Both process technologies are qualified, and neither is better. only different choices. Therefore, there is no diaper without "fluff pulp" at all, because the fluff pulp itself is not harmful.

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