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The full name of spandex yarn  is the abbreviation of polyurethane fiber, which is made of PTMEG and MDI. It is the material of modern clothing industry. Spandex filaments are covered with short fiber yarns, that is, Spandex yarn core-spun yarns. The elastic fabrics woven with them are comfortable, fit and elastic, and have the reputation of the second skin of the human body.
spandex yarn
(1) Conventional Spandex yarn: It is a new type of fiber with many excellent textile properties, good elasticity and elastic recovery rate. It also has fineness, high strength, low specific gravity, excellent dyeing and fastness. Features.

(2) Chlorine-resistant Spandex yarn: It has the physical properties of conventional silk, and the chlorine-resistant performance is more than 10 times that of other Spandex yarns, which overcomes the shortcomings of conventional silk, such as being easily corroded, easy to yellow, and strength decreased in active chlorine water. Applicable for swimwear.


( 3 ) Glossy Spandex yarn: maintains the physical properties of ordinary silk, and has good glossy transparency, which greatly improves the dyeability of spandex fabrics, especially for the covering of colored yarns.
( 4 ) Special yarn for weaving: In order to meet the needs of interweaving with polyester, the high temperature resistance of Spandex yarn is improved, and the drafting performance of Spandex yarn is also improved.
(5) Single-hole spinning Spandex yarn: good elastic elongation and elastic recovery rate, can be made into Spandex yarn with finer denier, core-spun, and widely used for weaving and knitting after wrapping.
( 6 ) Special Spandex yarn for warp knitting: specially developed for warp knitting Spandex yarn, which can meet various special requirements of warp knitting yarn, such as length, uniformity, etc. 

Spandex yarn also can be used for diaper raw materials.

diaper spandex

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