Talking About The Spinning Process Of Spun Bond Non Woven

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1. Spunbond technology

Spun bond non woven technology is one of the main process methods in the production of non-woven fabrics, and it is also the fastest-growing non-woven technology with the highest technical content. This article briefly introduces the spinning process in the spun bond non woven production process. The spinning process used in the production of spun bond non woven is basically the same as that of synthetic fibers. The process includes slice feeding, drying, screw extruder melting, filtering, metering and spinning. The drying process depends on whether the processed slices contain moisture. Drying is not required when processing PP chips, and drying equipment is required for processing PET chips. However, according to reports, the Kobe Steel twin-screw extruder does not need to dry PET chips.

spun bond non woven

2. Polymer

The dried polymer chips are fed through a hopper into a zone-heated screw extruder. Driven by the screw, the polymer continuously moves forward and is heated, including external heating, frictional heat and other mechanical heat, and gradually changes from a solid state to a highly elastic state, and then becomes a viscous fluid state until it is completely melted and becomes suitable for spinning. Melt of silky viscosity. Here, the function of the screw extruder is to input, extrude, exhaust, melt and mix the solid polymer, and then quantitatively output the polymer melt under constant temperature and pressure. Therefore, the design of screw structure, form, length-to-diameter ratio and heating temperature in each zone not only has a key influence on the melting of polymer chips, but also has a great influence on the type and output of processed polymer chips. The polymer is melted and homogenized by the screw extruder and then extruded by the screw. After being filtered and accurately metered by the metering pump, it is pressed into the spinning assembly, and then it is finally filtered and mixed evenly and then distributed to each spinneret hole. A stream of polymer filaments is ejected from the fine holes of the spinneret.

spunbond non woven fabric

3. Spinneret

Spinneret is one of the key parts of fiber forming, there are rectangular, circular, multi-piece splicing, or a whole. The shape of the spinneret hole is cylindrical, conical or other special shapes, and there are also core-spun composite spinneret holes. The micropore diameter of the spinneret is generally 0.25-0.45mm, which is selected according to the viscosity of the polymer to be spun and the fineness of the filament.

If you need to produce colored products, you can evenly mix the special color masterbatch in the added slices.

spunbond non woven

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