Introduce Sanitary Pad Raw Material

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1.Introduces the sanitary pad raw material

Feminine hygiene products mainly include women's sanitary napkins, sanitary pads and sanitary napkins. Among them, women's sanitary napkins are the main driving force for the development of the entire market. The sanitary napkin industry began in 1888 with the introduction of Southall's Towels Disposable Menstrual Pads which marked the birth of disposable sanitary napkins. This article briefly introduces the sanitary pad raw material.In fact, sanitary pad raw material is not so mysterious. Sanitary napkins can be said to be a "blood-sucking angel". It is an absorbent substance, the main material is cotton-like pulp and polymer absorbent, which is used to absorb the menstrual blood that flows out of the vagina when women have menstrual cramps. The structure of sanitary napkins can be divided into surface layer, inner layer, side and back glue. The surface layer is the part that is in direct contact with the skin, and its material must be soft. The weaving method and indentation on the surface determine the effect of menstrual blood absorption without rewetting.

Sanitary napkin raw material

2.PE surface layer

PE surface layer and cotton surface layer are the two most commonly used materials. The PE surface layer and the microporous design can prevent menstrual blood from seeping back and make users feel dry. However, the material is relatively hard, and some users may cause allergic reactions; Due to the improvement of cotton absorption design, the market share after 2001 is gradually higher than that of sanitary napkins with PE surface layer.

Sanitary pad raw material

3.The inner layer

The inner layer is mainly composed of cotton, non-woven fabrics, pulp or polymers and polymer composite paper formed by composites of the above materials, which are used to absorb the outflowing menstrual blood. The side design is mainly used to prevent side leakage, because it will be at an angle with the sanitary napkin body during use, and it is easier to rub against the groin, so sanitary napkins with soft materials are more popular among women.

The back glue of the sanitary napkin is an impermeable material, which can keep the menstrual blood in the sanitary napkin. In the 1970s and 1980s, a self-adhesive back glue was developed to facilitate the fixing of the sanitary napkin on the underwear.Girls should pay attention when buying sanitary napkins for the first time, and must not pursue sanitary napkins with large absorption capacity one-sidedly, because sanitary napkins with large absorption capacity tend to have a large area, and sometimes for convenience, a sanitary napkin is more expensive. If it is not replaced for a long time, it will easily breed bacteria and cause local skin redness and swelling. Therefore, sanitary napkins should be selected reasonably according to the amount of menstruation.

Sanitary pad raw materials

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