Learn About Super Absorbent Polymer Used In Diapers

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1. Super absorbent polymer used in diapers

Super absorbent polymer used in diapers——SAP (super absorbent resin) is a low-crosslinked hydrophilic polymer compound with a loose network structure, which has the ability to absorb water hundreds or even thousands of times its own weight, and Good water retention. There are many kinds of SAP, which can usually be classified according to the source of raw materials, the introduction method of hydrophilic genes, the shape of the product, the cross-linking method, the degradation performance, the preparation method and the use.


2. Classification

According to the source of raw materials Starch; Cellulose; Synthetic polymers; Proteins; Other natural products and derivatives;

According to the hydrophilic gene introduction method, direct polymerization of hydrophilic monomers; methylolation of hydrophobic monomers; grafting of hydrophobic polymers with hydrophilic monomers; hydrolysis of nitrile or ester groups

According to the shape of the product powder; fiber; membrane; microsphere

According to the crosslinking method, use crosslinking agent to carry out network reaction, self-crosslinking to carry out network reaction; radiation crosslinking; introduction of hydrophobic groups or crystal structure for alcoholization and application

According to the degradation performance, non-degradable (including sodium acrylate, methyl methacrylate and other polymer products); degradable (including starch, cellulose and other natural polymer graft copolymerization products)

According to the preparation method Synthetic polymer cross-linking, hydroxymethylation; starch graft copolymerization; cellulose graft copolymerization

According to the use of agricultural grade; industrial grade; sanitary grade; building material grade; food grade

super absorbent polymer used in diapers

3. Preparation method

At this stage, the preparation methods of super absorbent polymer used in diapers (super absorbent resin) are mainly divided into five types, namely aqueous solution polymerization method, reverse phase suspension polymerization method, reverse phase emulsion polymerization method, bulk polymerization and radiation crosslinking polymerization. These five methods have their own characteristics, are also used in different environments, and are suitable for different conditions.

super absorbent polymer


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