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1. Diaper packaging material

Most of the diapers are produced in mixed packaging; in order to ensure that the diapers are more safe and hygienic, the diapers need to be individually packaged with plastic film, and glue needs to be sprayed on one side of the plastic film near the edge, and then the two sides of the plastic film are folded in the middle and bonded Wrap the diapers in the middle, and then cut and heat seal the plastic film; currently, there is no special equipment that can realize diaper packaging material.

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2. Technical solution

In view of this, Wu Jiaolong and Wu Yiying proposed an independent packaging diaper packaging material mechanism that is easy to use, strong in practicability, and high in work efficiency. Its technical scheme is as follows: an independent packaging diaper packaging material mechanism, including a frame, the frame is provided with a conveyor belt device for conveying plastic films, and a left and a right two sides are arranged on the conveying surface of the conveyor belt device. A limiting plate, the edge of the left limiting plate is provided with a left flanged plate folded towards the middle, and the edge of the right limiting plate is provided with a right flanged plate folded towards the middle, and the width of the left and right flanged plates is conveyed along the The conveying direction of the belt device gradually changes, and the length of the left flanging plate, that is, the width of the rear end, is greater than that of the right flanging plate; there are multiple pressure rollers between the left and right flanging plates; a left side close to the plastic film is installed under the conveyor belt device. Gluing mechanism for gluing on the side edge.

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3. Optimization process

Further, the frame is also provided with upper and lower conveyor belts for pinching diapers, the discharge end of the lower conveyor belt is longer than the discharge end of the upper conveyor belt, and a pressure roller is provided at the discharge end of the lower transmission belt. A rotating roller is arranged above the pressing roller, and the rotating roller is connected with the pressing roller and all pressing rollers through a transmission belt. Further, the diameter and width of the pressure rollers decrease gradually from front to back. Further, the gluing mechanism includes two guide rollers, one up and one down, the upper guide roller is located between the conveyor belt device and the lower conveyor belt, and a groove-shaped photoelectric sensor for sensing the left edge of the plastic film is arranged between the two guide rollers. switch; the frame is also equipped with a glue spraying head for spraying glue on the plastic film and a driving device for driving the glue spraying head to move left and right. Further, the driving device includes a screw rod arranged along the left and right directions, and the glue spray head is fixedly installed on the mounting base located below it, and the mounting base is provided with threaded holes passing through its left and right end faces, and the screw rod is connected from the The threaded hole of the mount goes through and fits its thread. Further, a motor is installed on the frame, and the rear end of the screw rod is coaxially connected with the main shaft of the motor; a guide shaft parallel to the screw rod is also installed on the frame, and a guide shaft that slides with the guide shaft is provided on the mounting base. Fitting pilot holes. Compared with the prior art, the technical solution has the following beneficial effects: the independent packaging diaper packaging material mechanism is simple in structure, reasonable in design, convenient to use, strong in practicability, low in failure rate, realizes automatic coating of independently packaged diapers, and has high work efficiency , At the same time realize the automatic adjustment of the glue spraying position.

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