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1. Introduction of sanitary napkin materials

Disposable sanitary napkins are almost a public product for women. In recent years, sanitary napkins have repeatedly ignited public topics. But under such heat, if interviewing 10 women around, it is estimated that at most one person can vaguely explain what kind of material sanitary napkins are made of. In a consumption-oriented society, we recognize a product more from the perspective of user experience. When you encounter something you particularly like or need, you will enter the stage of "knowing it and knowing why". Therefore, not knowing is the norm. Based on the above situation, this article briefly introduces the materials of sanitary napkins.

materials for making sanitary pads

2. The structure of sanitary napkins

There are 3 layers in total, from top to bottom, they are the surface layer, the absorption layer and the bottom film

The first layer layer: close to the skin. Menstrual blood seeps through the top layer and seeps down to the absorbent layer.

The second layer is the absorbent layer, which can be subdivided into many layers. But no matter how they are divided, they all serve one goal: to absorb menstrual blood.

The material of the absorbing layer is basically only the following two:

A. fluff pulp

B. Polymer absorbent resin (SAP)

The combination of these two materials has derived some new composite materials, such as: dust-free paper.

The absorption capacity of sanitary napkins depends on the amount of SAP added. In the past 20 years, there has been no fundamental breakthrough in the material of sanitary napkins, so it has begun to roll in who absorbs more, who absorbs faster, and who is the dryest. These are all determined by: SAP, which layer is placed on the sanitary napkin, and how much is placed. Fluff pulp is a kind of paper product, and the country has a special standard GB/T 21331-2021 to guide it. Although GB/T is not a national mandatory standard, it is only a recommended standard. But regardless of the brand or the manufacturer, it must be produced under the guidance of this standard. With China's current market size and market maturity, the living space of small workshops is extremely limited. The so-called fluff pulp is the news of black heart cotton. It cannot be said to be completely rumored, but it is definitely not the mainstream of the market, and has basically nothing to do with mass consumers. For branded products on the market, finding one made of black heart cotton is not much less difficult than drawing a lottery ticket.

The third layer of bottom film, everyone should be able to feel it, is a layer of plastic. The material of this layer of plastic is polyethylene PE, which is the same as the surface layer of the dry mesh surface. Although the raw materials are all PE, the process is different, and two films that look completely different are produced. The reason why sanitary napkins are called a serious source of white pollution lies in the base film and the plastic film used for single-piece packaging.

sanitary pad material

3. Other auxiliary materials for sanitary napkins

Hot-melt adhesive: Sanitary napkins are multi-layered and must be bonded with hot-melt adhesive. The amount of glue used is very small, but it is indispensable in the current sanitary napkin production technology. Hot melt adhesive is a kind of resin, which is solid at normal temperature and becomes liquid at 120-160 degrees, sprayed into filaments for bonding.

Release paper: The piece of paper that is torn off when using sanitary napkins. This paper is a composite, coated with a layer of silicone oil, to achieve the isolation function. Each piece of independent packaging film: most brands use plastic. A small amount of composite paper laminated with plastic and paper is used.

Finally, to make a summary, conventional sanitary napkin materials are:

A. Plastic

B. Fluff pulp

C. Cotton (not required)


E. Hot melt adhesive

F. Release paper

sanitary pad raw material

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