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1. Classification of nonwovens

Non-woven fabrics are usually called non-woven fabrics. Fibers are made of sheets, webs or mats made by friction, cohesion, bonding or a combination of these methods. The fibers can be natural fibers or chemical fibers. It can be short fiber, long fiber or fibrous material formed on the spot. Nonwovens can be classified according to different manufacturing methods, such as dry-laid nonwovens, wet-laid nonwovens, etc. The fiber raw materials can be cotton, hemp, polyester, polypropylene or differentiated fibers, etc., and the common hot air in life , spunbond and other raw materials are also different, as follows:

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Air-through non-woven fabric: the fiber raw material is ES fiber or low melting point fiber or PET

Hot-rolled non-woven fabric: the fiber raw material is ES fiber or low melting point fiber

Spunbond/melt blown non-woven fabric: fiber raw material is PP fiber/bicomponent fiber

Spunlace non-woven fabric: fiber raw material is viscose fiber/polyester/cotton

non woven diaper

2. Usage of non-woven fabric

Due to different manufacturing methods and raw materials, the types of non-woven fabrics used in diapers are also particular. In this regard, this article briefly introduces the usage of non woven diaper.

Leak-proof partition: SMS SMMS, etc.

Core Wrap: SMS

Base film non-woven fabric: SS and cast film or breathable film composite

Surface layer: hot air, hot rolled, spun bonded

Air diversion layer (ADL): hot air, hot rolling, chemical bonding

Among them, the surface layer is in direct contact with the human body and is more intuitive, so the materials used for the surface layer are more particular, not only need to be soft, comfortable and safe, but also need to be beautiful, and the perforated embossing of non-woven fabrics has gradually become its own school. The above is the usage of non woven diaper. Over the past few decades, China's nonwoven product consumption market has undergone earth-shaking changes, with continuous product innovation and continuous expansion of application fields. In addition, judging from the current development situation, there are still gaps in many product fields in terms of product penetration rate and product upgrading. There is a lot of room for development, and the future can be expected.

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