Classification Of Non Woven PP

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This article briefly introduces the types of non woven pp.

1. Polypropylene pellet spunlace nonwoven fabric

Polypropylene granular spunlace non-woven fabric technology is to spray high-pressure fine water flow onto one or more layers of fiber nets to entangle the fibers with each other, so that the fiber nets can be reinforced and have a certain strength.

2. Propylene pellet heat-sealed non-woven fabric

Acrylic particle heat-bonded non-woven fabric refers to adding fibrous or powdery hot-melt adhesive reinforcement materials to the fiber web, and then the fiber web is heated, melted and cooled to form a cloth.

3. Propylene pellet pulp air-laid non-woven fabric

Air-laid propylene particle non-woven fabric can also be called dust-free paper and dry-laid paper-making non-woven fabric. It uses air-laid technology to open the wood pulp fiberboard into a single fiber state, and then uses the air-flow method to agglomerate the fibers on the web-forming curtain, and then strengthen the fiber web into a cloth.

non woven pp

4. Propylene pellet wet-laid non-woven fabric

The wet-laid non-woven fabric of propylene particles is to open the fiber raw materials placed in the water medium into single fibers, and at the same time mix different fiber raw materials to make a fiber suspension slurry, and the suspension slurry is transported to the web forming mechanism, and the fibers are in a wet state. It is formed into a net and then strengthened into a cloth.

5. Propylene pellet spunbond nonwoven fabric

Propylene pellet spunbonded non-woven fabric is formed after the polymer has been extruded and stretched to form continuous filaments, the filaments are laid into a web, and the web is then bonded by itself, thermally bonded, chemically bonded or mechanically reinforced. The method is to make the fiber web into a spunbond non-woven fabric of propylene particles.

6. Polypropylene granular melt blown non-woven fabric

The process of polypropylene granule melt-blown non-woven fabric: polymer feeding---melt extrusion---fiber formation---fiber cooling---netting---reinforcement into cloth.

non woven

7. Polypropylene granular needle-punched non-woven fabric

Polypropylene granule needle-punched non-woven fabric is a kind of dry-laid non-woven fabric. Polypropylene granule needle-punched non-woven fabric uses the puncture effect of a needle to reinforce the fluffy fiber web into a cloth.

8. Polypropylene granular material stitched non-woven fabric

The stitch-bonded non-woven fabric of polypropylene particles is a kind of dry-laid non-woven fabric. The stitch-bonded method is to use the warp-knitted coil structure to bond the fiber web, yarn layer, and non-woven materials (such as plastic sheets, plastic thin metal foils, etc.) Or their combination is reinforced to make non-woven fabrics.

In summary, polypropylene non-woven fabrics can be divided into spunlace non-woven fabrics made of polypropylene granules, heat-sealed non-woven fabrics made of propylene granules, and air-laid non-woven fabrics made of propylene granules pulp.

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