Improvement Of Pe Lamination Rolling Device

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1. Insufficient heating of pe lamination

PE film refers to the film produced by PE film. PE film has moisture resistance and low moisture permeability. In order to improve the performance of PE film, other film layers with different properties will be compounded on PE film to improve the use effect. At present, there are at least the following problems in this technology: when pe lamination is performing composite processing, adhesives are coated on each film layer, and then the composite molding is completed by rolling. In order to cure the adhesive, it is necessary to set The heating element completes the curing of the adhesive by heating, but in the actual use process, there are usually only one pair of pressure rollers with the heating element, so the heating temperature needs to meet the curing temperature of the adhesive. On the one hand, the composite When the PE film is suddenly exposed to high temperature, it is prone to local shrinkage, resulting in wrinkles on the surface. On the other hand, there is insufficient heating, and the curing effect of the adhesive is unstable, which affects the use effect.

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2. Upgrade of pe lamination

In order to solve the above problems, Cui Binjian, Li Anwei, Li Hongchao, and Shang Nianwei proposed a PE film composite rolling device, and its technical scheme is as follows: A PE film composite rolling device includes a base, and the upper end of the base is provided with two Two side plates, multiple groups of composite pressure rollers are arranged between the two side plates, the interior of each of the composite pressure rollers is provided with a hollow setting, and one end of each of the composite pressure rollers is fixed with a drive shaft, And the other end of each composite pressure roller is fixedly connected with a connecting pipe, the pipe ends of each of the connecting pipes are connected to the pipe rotary joint and connected to the water inlet pipe through the pipe rotary joint, and the pipe ends of each of the water inlet pipes are fixedly equipped with heating Each of the heating boxes is provided with a heating element inside, each of the connecting pipes and each of the drive shafts is rotatably connected to the side wall of the side plate on the same side, and a support frame is fixed on one side of the upper end of the base, so that The upper end of the supporting frame is provided with a PE film roll and a group of composite film rolls.

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Compared with the prior art, the technical solution has the following beneficial effects:

a. The PE film composite rolling device, through the mutual cooperation of the provided base, two side plates, multiple composite pressure rollers, drive shafts, support frames, PE film rollers and a group of composite film rollers, can be PE-based PE composite film is formed by material composite roll pressing. Through the cooperation of the connecting pipe, pipe rotary joint, water inlet pipe, heating and heating parts, the temperature of each composite pressing roller is different, and the PE lamination can be gradually heated. On the one hand, it can avoid the sudden shrinkage and wrinkling of pe lamination by high temperature, on the other hand, through multiple sets of composite pressing rollers, the pe lamination can maintain sufficient heating time and composite rolling time to ensure the rolling quality and stability.

b. The PE film composite roller pressing device, through the mutual cooperation of the pump body, water suction pipe and water delivery pipe, can facilitate the circulation of water and liquid inside the composite pressing roller, thereby improving the uniformity of water and heat.

The parts not involved in the device are the same as the existing technology or can be realized by using the existing technology. On the one hand, this application can avoid the sudden high temperature shrinkage and wrinkles of the pe lamination, and on the other hand, the pe lamination can be kept Sufficient heating time and composite rolling time ensure the rolling quality and stability, and at the same time can improve the uniformity of water and heat.

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