Perforated Pe Film Topsheet Technology And Product Development And High-tech Applications

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1. Development of Perforated PE film topsheet

With the rapid development of sanitary napkins and sanitary pads, and more and more personalized and fashionable, this requires manufacturers of sanitary products to make great changes and breakthroughs in terms of product structure, shape and color. , must choose more new materials and multifunctional materials.

A. Develop a sharper and finer hole type with high opening rate to increase skin affinity. And it can destroy the surface tension of the liquid more strongly, minimizing the penetration time and surface residue.

B. Adopt a new type of Perforated PE film topsheet base material to reduce the "aurora" on the surface of the Perforated PE film topsheet, and reduce the "plastic feeling" commonly found in Perforated PE film topsheets.

C. Develop and use surface treatment materials with better performance to increase permeability.

D. Improve the softness of Perforated PE film topsheet through the improvement of raw materials, the development of molds and the transformation of production lines.

E. Nanotechnology has now been widely used in the research and development of new materials in various industries, and breakthrough experiments are also being made in the field of sanitary materials. Because nanotechnology can greatly improve the hygiene of materials or finished products. The production of Perforated PE film topsheet and the production and storage of sanitary napkins cannot be carried out in a vacuum environment, which will inevitably be attacked by bacteria and microorganisms. It is inevitable to create a good environment, but if it is possible to create antibacterial conditions from the function of the surface material itself, it is the best choice. At present, there are manufacturers on the market using nanotechnology to produce Perforated PE film topsheet. The Perforated PE film topsheet has the function of killing bacteria and microorganisms by itself, and this nanotechnology uses physical methods to sterilize bacteria, which has no harm to human skin. This new material will be the best guarantee for sanitary napkin manufacturers for the hygiene of their products, and can better ensure the qualified sanitary indicators and quality of sanitary napkins.

Perforated PE film topsheet

2. Diversified Perforated PE film topsheet

As sanitary napkins and sanitary pads are becoming more and more individualized and fashionable, different consumer groups have very different requirements for sanitary products. Currently, manufacturers have developed Perforated PE film topsheets in various colors. This will provide conditions for sanitary napkin manufacturers to develop diversified products.

Perforated film

3. Degradable Perforated PE film topsheet

In order to meet the social requirements for environmental protection, currently, Perforated PE film topsheet manufacturers are also developing degradable Perforated PE film topsheet. With the increase in the popularity of sanitary napkins in my country and the increase in consumption, sanitary napkins and sanitary pads have increasingly become a major source of environmental pollution and public hazards. If the degradable Perforated PE film topsheet is developed, it will be of great help to solve the non-degradability of sanitary napkins.

PE film

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