Softness Of Hydrophobic Hot Air Non Woven Fabric

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1. Hot melt bonding method

The hot-melt bonding method refers to the method of heating the fiber web containing thermoplastic fibers, hot-melt powder or film to melt the hot-melt material to produce bonding and reinforcement. Generally, Hydrophobic hot air non woven fabric refers to thin products produced by hot melt bonding. Air-through nonwovens have been produced and developed, and are currently widely used in the entire hygiene industry. Its main downstream products include feminine hygiene products, baby diapers, adult incontinence pads, wet wipes, etc. Most of the Hydrophobic hot air non woven fabrics used for hygiene are in direct contact with human skin, so softness is a very important indicator. Because softness directly affects the comfort of the human body, especially for delicate baby skin.

hot air non woven fabric


2. Comply with the lightweight of hygienic products

After experiments, we can draw a conclusion: with the increase of surface density, the bending length and bending stiffness also increase correspondingly, especially when the surface density is relatively small, the increasing trend is more obvious. During the test, it was found that when the surface density of the product is high, the coefficient of variation of the 5 samples is small; and when the surface density of the product is small, the coefficient of variation is relatively large. This is because the fiber is heated and melted and bonded, and its movement is difficult; as the surface density of the fiber web increases, the bonding points between the fibers increase, and the bonding force increases, making the free movement of the fiber more difficult. 

Hydrophobic hot air non woven fabric

To a certain extent As a result, the bending stiffness of the nonwoven fabric increases and the product feels harder. In the case of low surface density products, the amount of fiber delivery is not easy to control, the uniformity of the fiber web is poor, the appearance is uneven in thickness, and the difference in softness is naturally relatively large. The smaller the bending length and bending stiffness of Hydrophobic hot air non woven fabric used for sanitary products, the better the softness and the more comfortable it can be for the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to choose products with low surface density as far as possible, which is also in line with the lightweight of sanitary products. requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of product strength and softness, and to achieve a harmonious unity of the two. It is necessary to make the product have a certain strength, which can withstand the tension in the post-processing process, and at the same time make the product soft enough to bring comfort to the human body. comfortability.

Hydrophobic non woven fabric

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