Solutions To Common Problems With PE Lamination Film

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In recent years, the sanitary product industry has developed rapidly, and the application of pe lamination film in this industry has been basically popularized. PE lamination film is mainly used in diaper bottom film and other fields, and the market prospect is very promising. The following are common problems and solutions of pe lamination film summarized through customer surveys.

1: Low bonding strength

The amount of glue applied is too small (generally, the amount of glue applied is 0.7-1.0g/square meter) → check whether the amount of glue applied is sufficient

Compound pressure is low → increase compound pressure

The bonding strength of the hot melt adhesive is poor → replace with a more suitable hot melt adhesive

The surface tension of the base material is low, and the wettability of the glue is poor → replace the base material with a higher surface tension

laminating film

2: The bonding strength decreases after aging

The ash content of the PE film is too high (the ash content is too high, the oil in the hot melt adhesive will be absorbed by the ash in the PE film, causing the hot melt adhesive to lose viscosity) → choose a PE film with a low ash content

The aging resistance of the hot melt adhesive is not good → replace the hot melt adhesive with better aging resistance

The storage environment temperature of pe lamination film is high → reduce the temperature of the storage environment

3: back seepage

Too much gluing amount → reduce gluing amount

The composite pressure is too high → reduce the composite pressure

The cooling effect of the cooling roller is not good → adjust the temperature of the cooling roller

The glue cures slowly, and the anti-repeat performance is not good → replace with a more suitable hot melt adhesive

PE Laminated sheet

4: feel hard

The amount of glue applied is too much (the amount of glue used should be as little as possible under the premise of ensuring the bonding strength) → reduce the amount of glue applied

The hot melt adhesive is hard and the softness is not good → replace with softer hot melt adhesive

The base material non-woven fabric and PE film feel hard → choose a base material with a softer feel

5:pe lamination film wrinkling

The gluing temperature is too high (high temperature will damage the base material) → properly reduce the gluing temperature

The initial adhesion of the hot melt adhesive is not enough (structural deviation will occur after the composite film is laminated, resulting in wrinkling) → increase the amount of glue applied or replace the hot melt adhesive with good initial adhesion

Roller tension setting is not appropriate → set the appropriate tension.

pe lamination film

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