Classification Of Silicone Release Paper

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1. What is Silicone release paper

Silicone release paper, also known as silicone oil paper, anti-adhesive paper, mainly plays the role of isolating sticky objects, such as tapes, etc., which generally need to be peeled off and discarded during use. Now the tape is widely used Or the carrier of glued products, it is also used in the food, medical and health industries. The release paper generally has a three-layer structure, the first layer is the backing paper, the second layer is the isolation layer, and the third layer is the release agent layer.

Silicone release paper

2. Classification of Silicone release paper

Silicone release paper can be divided into plastic release paper and non-plastic release paper; it can also be divided into silicone release paper and non-silicon release paper according to the release agent. There is a plastic release paper, because the release agent has a certain permeability, if there is no certain barrier, the release agent will penetrate into the paper, resulting in poor curing and a large amount of release agent (too high cost), etc. factor. Therefore, it is necessary to do plastic coating on the paper (commonly known as coating). In China, polyethylene (PE) particles are generally used for coating, and the melt index is required to be around 7. Plastic release paper is divided into single plastic release paper and double plastic release paper. Plastic-free release paper mainly includes Glassine, CCK and other special-treated release papers.

A.Silicone release paper

Laminated release paper is a release paper produced by coating a release agent on the coated surface of the base paper after it has been coated. Widely used in office paper, food packaging, food containers and various anti-adhesive or barrier papers. Laminated release paper is divided into single and double.

B. Glassine Silicone release paper

Glassine release paper is a release paper produced by coating release agent on glassine base paper after overpressure. Glassine has been super-calendered, has a compact structure, has the advantages of high flatness, good oil resistance, less release agent consumption, high transparency, and is suitable for die-cutting. need.

C.CCK Silicone release paper

CCK Silicone release paper is a release paper produced by coating a layer of special clay on the surface of CCK base paper and then coating a release agent. CCK release paper has good high temperature resistance and is widely used in the carbon fiber industry. The clay on the surface of CCK base paper is very easy to damage silicone, so there are relatively few domestically produced CCK Silicone release papers that can really pass the test.

release paper

D. Leather Silicone release paper

Leather Silicone release paper is a special kind of anti-adhesion paper. The English name Leather Release Paper is called release paper or release sheet by many Japanese companies. Leather Silicone release paper is an important material for the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) artificial leather and polyurethane (PU) synthetic leather. These two kinds of leather are mainly used for making shoes, gloves, clothing, luggage, and cushions and decorative materials on cars, boats and airplanes. At present, there are many manufacturers of synthetic leather and artificial leather in my country, and the demand for release paper is great, but they mainly rely on imports.

E. Other Silicone release papers

In addition, there are some release papers that are widely used in many industries, and some that do not use release agents. For example, many label printing factories will apply a layer of varnish on the place where release is required, and it will also have a certain release effect, but the performance of the adhesive is required to be very weak. In addition, there are some release papers produced using special glue and other formulas, which account for a small share of the overall market.

silicone paper

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