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1. Nanofiber Technology

It is understood that the nano-breathable film sheet is a nano-fiber technological achievement developed by a project team led by Professor Jin Yishui from the Department of Fiber Science, Shinshu University, Japan. In the hygiene industry, it is mainly used on the bottom film of sanitary napkins or diapers. The nano-breathable film sheet sanitary napkin is just an application of the nano-breathable film sheet on the bottom film of the sanitary napkin. With its dual performance of breathability and antibacterial effect, it mainly aims to solve women's troubles caused by taste, itching, inflammation, etc. during menstruation.

breathable PE film

2. Breathability

Why does this sanitary napkin have such breathability? It turns out that the key to the "breathability" of the nano-breathable film sheet sanitary napkin lies in the "breathability" characteristics of the nano-breathable film sheet itself. On the one hand, compared with the traditional breathable PE film material, the nano-breathable film uses nano-scale polyurethane as the raw material as the nano-fiber material, the material unit is nano-level, and the air-permeable space is larger. On the other hand, in the process of making nanofibers, the nano-breathable membrane uses the "electrospinning process". Electrospinning process is one of the important methods to manufacture nanofibers. The nano-material breathable PE film is a breathable film formed by adding high-voltage electricity to a polymer solution to produce nanofibers, and then forming it through an electrospinning process. It is reported that the thickness of the film is 4~10 µm, the basis weight is 3~4g/square meter, and the porosity reaches more than 85%. To sum up, based on these two main factors, the nano-breathable PE film not only has a remarkable performance in terms of air permeability, but also achieves "one-way air permeability and impermeability" with the help of a special structure. In addition to breathability, the nano-breathable film sheet also has good "antibacterial" characteristics. When it comes to "broad-spectrum antibacterial", it is natural to introduce another little partner who is well-known by many people-nano silver.

PE stretch film

3. Nano silver

As we all know, nano-silver is the use of nanotechnology to nano-scale silver, so that the bactericidal ability of silver in the nano-state has a qualitative leap, and it becomes a natural bactericidal material. Adding nano-scale nano-silver material to the nano-breathable film sheet can rely on the effect of nano-silver to affect the broad-spectrum antibacterial effect on the surface. As for the controversial issue of nano silver in terms of toxicity or safety, the dosage of nano breathable membrane is controlled. Therefore, the product has passed the international REACH certification and RoHS certification, confirming that it is harmless to the human body. It is reported that currently the top 6 sanitary product manufacturers in Japan have completed trials of nano-breathable film sheets, and recently sanitary napkins using nano-breathable film sheets have been officially sold in the Korean market. In China, some manufacturers are currently making trial products. However, due to the cost factor of nano-breathable film (about 1.5 million yuan per ton), nano-breathable film sheets are mainly used in sanitary napkin trial products.

breathable film sheet

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