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1. The consumption of Absorbent paper is increasing rapidly

With the promotion and acceptance of super-absorbent products such as ultra-thin sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diapers, and incontinence care pads in recent years, the consumption of high-absorbent core materials has increased rapidly, and at the same time, air-laid dry-forming technology has gained popularity in China. Extensive development, in order to expand the market, the development of air-laid paper products has gradually been valued by the industry. The development and production of air-laid dry absorbent paper and its application and promotion in maternal and child hygiene products are formed under such conditions, and are becoming a new profit growth point.

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2.Absorptivity of Absorbent paper

However, the users of absorbent papermanufacturers of hygienic productsmostly dont know much about the production process and performance of absorbent paper. They have great expectations for absorbent paper, while the producers of absorbent paperair-laid dry-laid paper production Most of the manufacturers do not have a detailed understanding of the technology and design of sanitary products, especially some special detailed designs and product requirements. As a result, absorbent paper manufacturers develop blindly (some are limited by equipment and technical strength), and some Hygienic product manufacturers repeatedly conduct trial production (making products) and testing (unclear and insufficient knowledge of material requirements), which leads to an increase in the cost of product trial production on both sides, and even causes some misunderstandings and opinions, hindering cooperation. The result is bad for both parties and development. This article compares and analyzes the absorbability of several mainstream absorbent papers and products, hoping to get some guidance for the manufacture and application of absorbent paper.

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The following is a summary of the experiments:

(1). The absorption rate of diaper/sheet is closely related to the absorption rate of its core layer;

(2).The ultra-thin sanitary napkins have different absorbing ratios of physiological saline and artificial plasma;

(3). The water absorption of superabsorbent resin is generally about 10 times that of normal saline, but there is a difference under the test conditions of the national standard for sanitary napkins (absorbing water for 60s, draining for 90s), which is only 1.3~2 times;

(4). The absorption rate of absorbent paper decreases with the increase of the binding force of the middle layer, which is inversely proportional;

(5). The absorption rate of absorbent paper decreases with the increase of pressure, which is inversely proportional;

(6). As the absorption time increases, the absorption rate of absorbent paper increases accordingly;

(7). Under certain pressure conditions, as time increases, the absorption rate of absorbent paper tends to increase;

(8). The absorption rate of absorbent paper is linearly related to the percentage of superabsorbent resin;

(9). Different brands of super absorbent resins are used. Due to the difference in their physical properties, the calculation formulas for the absorption rate and percentage content of absorbent paper are different, but it mainly depends on the absorption rate;

(10). The temperature and heating method (hot air penetration and non-hot air penetration heating) in the production of absorbent paper have an impact on the absorption performance, but there is an optimal value. Different superabsorbent resin brands have different impacts;

(11). The heating time of the superabsorbent resin has an effect on the absorption performance of the superabsorbent resin;

(12). Different brands of super absorbent resin have different absorption properties;

(13). Different brands of superabsorbent resins have different ratios of absorption ratios for different test solutions;

(14). The temperature of the absorbed liquid has an effect on the absorption index of the super absorbent resin.

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