Various Hook Side Tape For Diapers

Author:Baby & Adult Diaper Materials FROM:Diaper Materials Manufacturer TIME:2023-03-07

Avery Dennison introduced quick and easy stickers, reapplyable labels for wet wipe packaging,and hook side tape for adult diapers at the show. One of the most diverse and innovative is the hook side tape for diapers. Today we introduce the following three.

1. 2-layer hook side tape

Avery Dennisonregular 2-ply hook side tape, together with the front waist tape, forms a re-stickable hook side tape system. The entire hook side tape system is pre-laminated in one roll. The two layers of tape are: 1) Fixing tape (FT): the functional part cooperates with the front waist film to close and fix the diaper, and the tail end is attached to the bottom film of the diaper; 2) Release tape (RT): its The function is to play the role of a release-type protective fixing tape, which is fitted and fixed on the inner film of the diaper.

 Hook side tape

2. 3-layer hook side tape

The Avery Dennisonconventional 3-ply hook side tape system provides diaper functionality at reduced cost, minus the front waist tape (landing zone) material. The entire hook side tape system is pre-laminated in one roll. In addition to the retaining tape and release tape, the third layer of tape is: 3) Target Tape (TT): Used as a "landing zone" to replace the front waist tape for reopening and applying the retaining tape.

 side tape

3. Z type folding hook side tape

The Avery Dennison Model TMZ folded hook side tape system features pre-converted tape construction. The length of the unfolded tape is 3 times of the original length, especially suitable for occasions that need to cover a larger area. Generally can be used for baby training pants and adult diapers.

Avery Dennison actively participates in the research and development of customers' early products in China, and introduces advanced products from Europe and the United States for promotion and consumption guidance. The hook side tape used in diapers has good stability and is more suitable for high-speed production.


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