Application Advice For Diaper Glue

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1. Professional diaper glue

With the development in recent years, the functionality and comfort requirements of diapers are increasing, and the glue used in each part needs to be specialized. Only professional diaper glue can provide the performance suitable for a specific position.

 diaper glue

2. Types of Diaper glue

For diaper glue, the most basic configuration is structural glue, rubber glue, and core glue. From a professional point of view, we suggest that low-temperature structural adhesive can be applied to the imitation fabric base film, and the core structural adhesive, that is, wet-strength adhesive, can be used for the core layer. Whether it is wrapped with toilet paper or non-woven fabric, the diversion layer or even fabric can be used. Wet strong glue. There are also subdivisions and differences in rubber glue, such as rubber glue for open diapers and rubber glue for pull-up pants. In addition, as a functional product, urine gel is used in more and more fields. In terms of special glue for front waist stickers, there is basically no special glue for front waist stickers in the industry before. Instead, back glue or structural glue is used as front waist stickers. These products have certain defects. No matter what type of front waist tape is used, whether it is winter or summer, the good weather resistance of the front waist tape special adhesive can provide excellent performance. Now more and more customers use on-line coating lamination to make imitation cloth base film instead of buying finished products, because the cost of online coating is lower and the quality can be controlled. It is recommended to use low-temperature glue for the composite imitation fabric base film, because its feel is very important and the amount of glue must be small, so as to have corresponding functionality and comfort. Regarding the glue used for side seals and end seals, many customers used to use structural glue or rubber rubber, but now they are paying more and more attention to these two positions. For example, if the opening time of the end-sealing glue is too long, the end-sealing nonwoven fabric will be opened when the child flips it, and the glue will stick to the skin, and the child will feel uncomfortable. The short open time of the end seal improves overall comfort. At the same time, the side sealant can also be used to form a retaining wall, which can effectively prevent side leakage.


The development and progress of society, along with the enhancement of people's awareness of hygiene, has also brought new consumer demand. For the application of diaper glue, it should also keep pace with the times.


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