Judging And Selecting High quality Perforated PE Film From Hygienic Conditions

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How to judge and select high-quality Perforated PE film in the production process of sanitary napkins and how to use it correctly in the production process are very critical issues. At present, when the usage of Perforated PE film gradually exceeds the usage of non-woven fabrics, high-quality perforated film is the most basic premise to ensure the quality of sanitary napkins. This article briefly explains how to judge and select high-quality Perforated PE film from the perspective of hygiene.

1. Production environment and health quarantine

Any type of sanitary napkin raw materials must first pass strict sanitary inspection and quarantine, otherwise no matter how superior other properties are, it is not the most basic qualification. The hygienic status of Perforated PE film is mainly affected by two points, whether the raw material substrate meets these basic hygienic standards, and Perforated PE film must be produced and stored in a closed and sterilized environment, and these environments must be licensed and certified by the health inspection and quarantine department . All kinds of bacteria and microbial indicators on the Perforated PE film must conform to Taiwan's national standards.

 Perforated PE film

2. Anti-allergic requirements

Since Perforated PE film is made of polyethylene raw materials, for a few people or some stages of a small number of people, the skin is repulsive to polyethylene and prone to allergies. These extremely small-scale phenomena are all normal. To ensure that large-scale allergic conditions will not occur, Perforated PE film must pass the reliable safety certification confirmed by the national authority.

 Perforated Polyethylene film

3. Avoid secondary pollution

After all, Perforated PE film is a raw material product in the production process of sanitary napkins, and there is the possibility of secondary pollution. The hygienic condition of Perforated PE film itself will affect the hygienic quality of sanitary napkins, but to obtain good sanitary quality of sanitary napkin products, the most important thing is to depend on the production environment of sanitary napkin manufacturers themselves.

In addition to sanitation, we can also judge and select high-quality Perforated PE film from basic parameters and other aspects. For producers, when choosing Perforated PE film, it must be comprehensively considered by understanding its characteristics and performance changes in use, not just emphasizing the characteristics or advantages of a certain point. In this way, good application effects can be obtained, and productivity can be improved and production costs can be reduced.

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