How To Solve The Processing Difficulties Of Polyethylene Film?

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1. Difficulties of polyethylene film processing

During the processing of polyethylene film, problems such as uneven film thickness and die stacking are often encountered, and defects such as gel and crystal points may appear in the film, which affect the appearance quality. Therefore, how to eliminate melt fracture, avoid die accumulation, and reduce defects such as crystal points in the film is the difficulty of polyethylene film processing.

To solve these problems, we can start from several directions:

A. In terms of raw materials: reduce the use of stearate or wax additives, and use antioxidants with better compatibility;

B. Process: increase the die temperature;

C. Auxiliary: Fluoropolymer auxiliary can be added.

Take Javachem ® SF, for example, a fluorosilicone processing aid that uses a novel dispersion technology to disperse fluorosilicone polymers into micron-sized particles with very low surface energies. Addition of small amounts of Javachem ® SF to the film stock improves melt processability without degrading the mechanical properties of the final product.

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2.Polyethylene film processing solution

Javachem ® SF improves melt processability in two ways. One is the force between the melt and the processing equipment. In actual production, Javachem ® SF will be precipitated from the melt to the melt surface, forming an isolation layer between the metal surface of the processing equipment and the melt surface, reducing the adhesion of the melt on the surface of the body and die, reducing the melt rate. The friction between the body and the wall during the movement process can improve the unevenness of the melt movement. The second is to reduce the internal friction between melt molecules, improve the melting rate and melt deformability, and reduce the apparent viscosity of the melt.

pe film

The final result of the stacking of the two effects is:

A. Melt fracture is avoided, processing stability is improved, and the phenomenon of "shark skin" on the film surface is eliminated;

B. Reduce the die accumulation, improve the phenomenon of uneven film thickness, and reduce the amount of gel in the melt;

C. Improve the liquid leakage phenomenon caused by excessive pores after the breathable film is stretched, and improve the quality of the breathable film;

D. Reduce the extrusion pressure during film processing, reduce energy consumption and mechanical wear, reduce the overall cost of film processing, and improve production efficiency;

E. Improve the surface finish of the film, no crystal points, no gel.

Today, polyethylene film is widely used in medical, baby diapers and hygiene products. Understanding the processing difficulties and solutions of polyethylene film will help people better understand this new polymer material.

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