Sanitary Pads Composition

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1. Introduction to sanitary pads composition

Sanitary pads are a physiological product that has become popular in recent years. They are similar to sanitary pads in that they can absorb the daily secretions of women outside of their periods, thus greatly reducing their worries. They are also very popular among women as they are smaller, lighter and less uncomfortable to use than sanitary pads. In this article, the composition of sanitary pads is briefly introduced from the perspective of the structure of sanitary pads.

 sanitary pads composition

2. What is sanitary pads composition?

Sanitary pads composition consists of four main components: the top layer, the infusion layer, the absorbent core and the bottom membrane.

A: There are two main types of raw materials used for the surface layer of sanitary pads. PE perforated film is cheaper and has good breathability. While the hot air non-woven material is fluffy in structure, soft to the touch and has good breathability, it is currently the first choice of disposable sanitary products surface layer material.

B:Between the top layer and the core layer, there is usually an infusion layer, and the infusion layer can promote the role of the core body to absorb liquid quickly, effectively and evenly and reduce the amount of back seepage. The majority of sanitary pads on the market today have an infusion layer.

C:The core layer of sanitary pads is the key part of the absorbency of the pad, the core layer of sanitary pads is mostly toilet paper covered with fleece pulp and SAP (highly absorbent resin). The total weight of the core, SAP content, etc. has a greater impact on the absorption performance of sanitary pads.

sanitary napkin raw material

Currently, the commonly used base film for sanitary pads is polyethylene (PE) plastic film, which mainly plays a role in preventing the leakage of liquids.

With the progress of social development and the increasing awareness of hygiene, sanitary pads will be more and more widely used in everyday life. It is important to understand the composition of sanitary pads so that users can make a better choice of pads.

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