Knowledge Of Raw Material For Sanitary Pad

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Sanitary pads are the "friends" that accompany women throughout their lives, and there are many varieties of sanitary pads on the market. So do you know what raw materials are used in sanitary pads? Today, I will follow the author to learn about raw material for sanitary pad.

 raw material for sanitary pad

1. Knowledge of raw material for sanitary pad

The material for sanitary pad can be divided into surface layer, absorption core and bottom layer. The materials of each layer are bonded with hot melt adhesive.

The surface layer of the sanitary pad is the part that is in direct contact with the skin. Its material is soft, and the weave and indentation on the surface can affect the reverse osmosis effect (dryness) of the sanitary pad.

PE perforated film surface layer and cotton surface layer are the two most commonly used materials. The PE surface layer and the microporous design make it difficult for menstrual blood to re-infiltrate and make users feel dry. However, the material is hard, and some users may cause Allergic reaction; due to the improved design of cotton absorption and the availability of perforated and composite materials, the market share after 2001 is gradually higher than that of PE surface sanitary napkins.

The inner layer is mainly composed of high-molecular polymer and high-molecular polymer composite paper formed by cotton, non-woven fabric, pulp or a composite of the above materials, which is used to absorb the outflowing menstrual blood. The design of the side is mainly used to prevent side leakage, because it will present a certain angle with the sanitary napkin body during use, and it is easier to rub against the groin, so the sanitary napkin with the side of the soft material is more favored by women. The adhesive of the sanitary napkin is an impermeable material, which can retain the menstrual blood in the sanitary napkin. In the 1970s and 1980s, a self-adhesive adhesive was developed to facilitate the fixing of the sanitary napkin on the underwear.

 sanitary pad ingredients

2. Understand raw material for sanitary pad

In recent years, with the rapid growth of the social economy, women's attention and improvement of personal health awareness, and the continuous development and urbanization of the consumer market in rural areas, the use habits of female consumers of sanitary pads have been fully cultivated, and the frequency of use shows increasing trend year by year. Understanding raw material for sanitary pad is helpful for women to use sanitary products better.

sanitary pad raw materials

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