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1.Learn about menstrual materials

Feminine hygiene products, that is, women's menstrual hygiene products, can be further divided into four categories according to the function and form of different products: feminine sanitary napkins, menstrual materials, tampons and sanitary cups (the latter two types of products are currently recognized in China. and acceptance is still low, mainly used in European and American women). Structurally, menstrual materials can be divided into topsheets, absorbent cores, backsheets and envelope layers. This article briefly introduces menstrual materials, starting with construction.

 menstrual materials

2.Menstrual materials parts

Surface layer: In direct contact with the user's skin, the main function is to allow the liquid to penetrate quickly and effectively prevent re-seepage, keeping the surface layer of the sanitary napkin dry. Sanitary napkins can be divided into three categories according to the surface layer materials: Cotton soft sanitary napkins: refers to sanitary napkins whose surface layers are made of various non-woven materials (mainly spunbond and hot air non-woven fabrics). ;2Dry mesh sanitary napkin: refers to the sanitary napkin whose surface layer is made of various perforated films; Pure cotton sanitary napkin: refers to the sanitary napkin whose surface layer is made of pure cotton material.

Absorbent core: used to absorb and store liquid, mainly composed of polymer water absorbent resin (SAP), fluff pulp, absorbent paper and wood pulp.

Bottom layer: It is used to prevent liquid leakage. It is mainly made of special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as the base material, which is waterproof and breathable. At present, some high-end products also use a composite material composed of PE film and non-woven fabric as the bottom layer. . In addition, this layer also has hot melt adhesive (mainly used for sticking and fixing during product use) and release paper (commonly known as silicone oil paper or release paper to protect the viscosity of hot melt adhesive before use).

Coating layer: commonly known as quick and easy bag, mainly using non-woven fabric or PE cast film as the material. In order to enhance the visual effect of the product, the coating layer is generally added with various bright and bright colors and printed with exquisite patterns.

 sanitary pad composition

3.Understanding menstrual materials

With the development and progress of society and the continuous enhancement of hygiene awareness, sanitary napkins are more and more widely used. Today, sanitary napkins have become a necessity in women's daily life. Understanding menstrual materials will help deepen the public's understanding of them.

material used for sanitary pads

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